Loyal to your country or just a fan of another country’s colorful design? Let your favorite flag fly!

You can now purchase various flag T-shirts for your in-game custom characters. It’s close to Memorial Day in the USA so feel free to wear the USA T-shirt while chanting “USA! USA! USA!” as your custom character racks up rampant medals. If you want to be a part of Pirates nation, you can get an exclusive Pirate T-shirt only if you purchase the Patriotic Parts bundle for $9.99 from the PlayStation®Store.

spanish flag shirt

portuguese flag shirt

mexican flag shirt

kazakhstan flag shirt

japanese flag shirt

italian flag shirt

german flag shirt

french flag shirt

danish flag shirt

united kingdom flag shirt

brazilian flag shirt

usa flag shirt

pirate shirt

Here are the new Patriotic, semi-Patriotic, and just downright cool Tournament Rewards that you can now earn in the Tournament starting May 28:

shade drake raptor mask

shade talbot dive helmet

elena canadian mountie hat

revolution shirt

revolution gun