What is Tournament Mode?
Tournament Mode is a weekly event in Uncharted 3: Multiplayer. Points based on your Uncharted 3: Multiplayer gameplay are calculated, prizes are won, and taunts are given.
Why should I bother with a Tournament?
Free stuff! You can win rare in-game rewards and items and show everyone how badass you are.
How do I enter into the Tournament?
Entering Tournaments requires using Tournament tickets and each Tournament entry costs one ticket. A pulsing silver Tournament ticket icon appears next to the Tournament game modes in the multiplayer menu. Press X on that silver icon menu prompt and you can elect to spend one Tournament ticket to earn Tournament points on the match.
What is a match?
Within Tournaments, a match is one game played in any one of three game modes.
What games modes can I play to register into the tournament?
Three Team Death Match, Team Death Match, and Classic mode will allow you to enter into a Tournament.
What is the duration of a Tournament?
A Tournament last one week, starting every Tuesday.
Is there a video explaining the tournament system?
How do I get tickets?
All players are given up to the number ten in free tickets per week. All player have the option to purchase additional tickets from the in-game store or the PlayStation®Store. Free tickets will always be used up before your purchased tickets are used.
I want to buy more tickets. How much do tickets cost?
Additional tickets can be purchased via the PlayStation®Store. Here's a breakdown but check the in-game or PlayStation®Store that you log into for the final prices:
# of Tickets North American Regions European Regions Asian Regions Japan
10 $ 1.99 € 1.99 15 HKD ¥ 200
20 $ 3.49 € 3.49 27 HKD ¥ 350
50 $ 7.49 € 7.49 58 HKD ¥ 750
200 $ 24.99 € 24.99 194 HKD ¥ 2500
I paid for tickets, will those go away?
Purchased tickets will never expire. Tickets you've purchased via the PlayStation®Store will only be removed from your total ticket count by using them to enter Tournaments.
Ok, seriously, I PAID for tickets, what else will this get me?
Spending a Tournament ticket on a match increases your treasure drop chances for that match. This means you're more likely to get a rare treasure in a match. Rare treasures will help you build the necessary sets to unlock rare items and weapons. Buying tickets also gives you more opportunity to contribute additional Tournament points to your total weekly Tournament score.
I don’t want to pay for tickets. How do I get more tickets?
At the start of every Tournament week your ticket count will be reset so that you'll have ten total tickets to start the week. Tickets can also be found as a rare treasure drop.
How are points calculated?
Tournament points are calculated by two formulas: one if you're on the winning team and one if you're on a losing team. They are:

Points = [1000 + (100*kills) + (25*assists) – (80*deaths)] * [1.2-(party size*0.2)]

Minimum = 200, Max = 6000

For Example: 10 kills, 5 deaths, 3 assists, party size 3, wins the match = 1005 tournament points

Points = [100 + (10*kills) + (2.5*assists) – (8*deaths)] * [1.2-(party size*0.2)]

Minimum = 100, Max = 500

For example: 10 kills, 5 deaths, 3 assists, party size 3, player loses the match = 118.5 tournament points

Keep in mind that more Tournament points can be earned with smaller party size. Larger party sizes will yield less Tournament points.
How do I know how I'm doing?
At the end of each week you'll be placed into one of four Tournament tiers based on the total points you earned:

Platinum – earn at least 23,500 Tournament Points
Gold – earn at least 18,500 Tournament Points
Silver— earn at least 13,500 Tournament Points
Bronze—earn at least 8,500 Tournament Points

NOTE: if you see only 3 tiers we aren't liars, we just haven't been able to push the Platinum tier live yet. The framework is there. It will be soon.

For more information about the tiers in the Records section of your Uncharted 3 Profile on in-game menu. You can also check the Tournament leaderboards in-game or via the multiplayer stat page on the Naughty Dog website.
What are the rewards for playing in the tournament?
There will be four reward tiers for the Tournament: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze. Each tier has its own unique set of prizes. Check the Tiers section under the Tournament section to see what each tier will unlock for that week.
How long do I keep my rewards for?
Each Tournament tier unlocks a variety of custom weapons or custom characters parts that you'll be able to use for the duration of the next Tournament week.

For instance, if you unlock the Shade Belling Mask, Shade Headphones, and Shade Gas Mask in week 1 you'll be able to equip those parts all week during the week 2 Tournament. So flaunt it while you've got it and keep playing to keep it.

Some items you'll be able to keep indefinitely. For example, if you manage to unlock the Gold tier 6 times in a row, you'll unlock the Djinn Skin permanently.
Can I join a match late and still earn tournament points?
No, you can't join late into a match which you elect to wager a ticket.
How did she?! Where did he come from?!? What was that?!? @#$@#% this game!
Quitting, signing out of PSN, pulling the cable or powering down results in the ticket you used in that Tournament being forfeited. If your connection drops, you will forfeit a ticket. There is no way to replace the lost ticket. So play fair, focus that rage elsewhere and be mindful of shenanigans!
What are your future plans for the tournament, Naughty Dog?
Free puppies!!! Ok, no, not that... but we will be adding new rewards in the form of custom parts or freshly skinned weapons every couple of weeks. We are looking at adding certain treasures that will ONLY drop in a match in which you've spent a tournament ticket. These treasures contribute to treasure sets that will unlock special items that are only obtainable by playing in Tournaments. We are also considering adding a Cinema Mode to the Tournament as other many other features and treats so make sure to check the Naughty Dog blog for any updates!