In the works…

As the week comes to a close, we wanted to come full circle and share some of the things we’re looking at based on the collective community feedback to Title Update 1.05 since it was released last week.

By arne | Twitter @arnemeyer | Saturday February 27 2010

In the works…

Earlier this week, we blogged about how we are listening to the conversations in our player community about our recent Title Update 1.05. To close out the week we wanted to share some of the things we’ve been looking at and testing internally within UNCHARTED 2 multiplayer -- all based on feedback from our community. Just to be clear – these are some of the adjustments and refinements we’ve been talking about and we’ve been testing internally to date. By no means does this mean any of this is guaranteed to happen. And now the list...

Auto-shoulder switching We’re thinking about removing this entirely and/or adding a toggle to your online profile. Medals being obscured when you have been killed If you happen to get medals right as you’re killed, the scoreboard comes up and you can’t see the medal and cash award. I think it’s safe to assume we’ll address this. Limb damage We’ve been testing out changing the hitboxes so that shots to the limb require require damage than torso hits or headshots to dispatch your opponent. Grenades We’ve been looking at different adjustments to grenade damage and radius to see how those adjustments fare. Boosters We've been playing around with balance adjustments to some boosters. Glitches and exploits This is a little bit of an on-going process, but addressing these are definitely things we’re working on and have been updating consistently over time.

When we’ve made more solid decisions regarding any adjustments or refinements to multiplayer, we'll be sure to let you know in detail.

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