Naughty Dog Celebrates Valentine’s Day

Celebrate Valentine's Day this week Naughty Dog Style. Create your own Naughty Dog themed Valentines and potentially get some cool stuff from the studio.

By Admin | Twitter 1767600 | Monday February 11 2013

Naughty Dog Celebrates Valentine’s Day

Happy Monday! You may already be stringing up paper hearts or you may be the down on love type but ready or not this week is the week that Valentine’s Day happens around the world. To make sure you’re prepared for V-day this Thursday we’re starting your week out right and giving you a set of awesome UNCHARTED and The Last of Us Valentines to print out. These are perfect to give to your friends, family, and super-secret crushes. How could anyone spurn Brock the Brick? And Sully’s stache will surely melt anyone’s heart!

Credit: Alexandria Neonakis (@beavs)

You can download the full set of valentines via here or here. We challenge you to come up with your own Naughty Dog themed Valentine’s Day valentines. Please link to your own creations on our forums. We will still take submissions in the comments section below. We’ll review them internally on Valentine's Day (Feb 14) and select a random person to receive some very cool Naughty Dog giveaway prizes after that. 

We have more Valentine’s Day surprises planned that we’ll talk about in the Uncharted 3 Lab post tomorrow! Happy Valentine’s Day Week!   

UPDATE: Our Valentines giveway winners are NearRivers and MikeMov89. Please check your direct messages!

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