Naughty Dog TV - The Last of Us: E3 2012

Check out a special E3 retrospective Naughty Dog TV short about the challenges and triumphs of E3 2012. 

By Admin | Twitter 1767600 | Friday September 14 2012

Naughty Dog TV - The Last of Us: E3 2012

We have a special episode of Naughty Dog TV this month. This year at PAX Prime we were finally able to publically release everything we had prepared for E3 2012. Now that everything is out we want to share a video that speaks to what went into making The Last of Us demo and all the accompanying assets we have put out there. The Last of Us team also talks about the reception we got coming out of E3 and what it was like to be there. It was a challenging, nerve-racking, but ultimately a very rewarding and very fun ride. Here's a glimpse into our view of the event:



Hope you enjoyed that. Thank you for all the support and feedback on The Last of Us, both positive, critical, off-kilter, negative, and everything in-between over these past few months. It's already been a wild ride and we're really just getting started. Get ready for more in the coming months as 2013 comes upon us. 

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