New DLC for Uncharted 3 – Week 4

Stage 4 DLC for Uncharted 3 multiplayer will be deployed to the PS Store this week! Check out the full rundown of what's inbound.

By Admin | Twitter 1767600 | Tuesday September 04 2012

New DLC for Uncharted 3 – Week 4

Stage 4 of the new Uncharted 3 DLC is coming. This stage focuses on the Villains in the UNCHARTED universe. You now can instantly unlock a myriad of menacing content for the Villain characters. Over 60 items will be available on Tuesday September 4 for North American territories and Wednesday September 5 for The EU territories. Asian territories will release this stage during normal PS Store update hours as well.

Here’s a list of everything that will be available, a small preview image, its price, and who can use the item: 

NameImageDescriptionIn-Game RewardPrice
Merc Gloves, Soldier Gloves Custom Villain Yes $0.99
Tough Gloves, Worn Gloves, Thick Gloves, Leather Gloves, Reinforced Gloves Custom Villain Yes $2.49
Heavy Gloves, Fingerless Gloves, Combat Gloves Custom Villain Yes $1.49
Dead Agent Skin Dead Agent Yes $0.99
Desert Talbot Skin Desert Talbot Yes $0.99
Genghis Khan Skin Genghis Khan Yes $0.99
Marlowe Skin Katherine Marlowe Yes $0.99
Rameses Skin Rameses Yes $0.99
Salim Skin Salim Yes $0.99
Skelzor Skin Skelzor Yes $0.99
Suited Marlowe Skin Suited Marlowe Yes $0.99
Talbot Skin Talbot Yes $0.99
Young Marlowe Skin Young Marlowe Yes $0.99
Leather Boots, Camo Boots Custom Villain Yes $0.99
Sandals, Laced Boots, Sneakers, Light Boots, Leather Sandals, Hiking Sneakers Custom Villain Yes $2.99
Hiking Boots, Mountain Boots, Heavy Boots, Combat Boots Custom Villain Yes $1.99
Camera Helmet Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Camo Helmet Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Dive Helmet and Goggles Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Emblem Hat Custom Hero/Villain Yes $0.49
Emblem Helmet Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Emblem Mask Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Flight Helmet Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Gas Mask Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Ghillie Gas Mask Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Helmet Face Scarf Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Helmet, Skull Face Scarf Custom Villain Yes $0.99
Worn Beanie, Common Mask, Winter Hat, Hat Scarf, Face Scarf, Camo Cap Custom Villain Yes $2.99
Camo Face Scarf, Headphones, Patterned Face Scarf, Dust Storm Face Scarf Custom Villain Yes $1.99
Sharp Sunglasses Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Tailored Face Scarf Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Eddy Raja Gold Glasses Eddy Raja Yes $0.49
Harry Flynn Bandit Mask Harry Flynn Yes $0.49
Marlowe Goggles Katherine Marlowe Yes $0.49
Marlowe Head Wrap Katherine Marlowe Yes $0.49
Rameses Cowboy Hat Rameses Yes $0.49
Salim Goggles Salim Yes $0.49
Suited Marlowe Fancy Hat Suited Marlowe Yes $0.49
Suited Marlowe Half Mask Suited Marlowe Yes $0.49
Talbot Cowboy Hat Talbot Yes $0.49
Talbot Long Nose Mask Talbot Yes $0.49
Young Marlowe Beret Young Marlowe Yes $0.49
Young Marlowe Stylish Glasses Young Marlowe Yes $0.49
Lazarevic Assault Helmet Zoran Lazarevic Yes $0.49
Ghillie Pants Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Patchwork Pants, Common Pirate Pants, Explosive Pirate Pants, Camo Pirate Pants, Formal Pirate Pants Custom Villain Yes $2.49
Merc Pants, Covered Merc Pants, Armored Common Pants Custom Villain Yes $1.49
Camo Vest Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Emblem Merc Shirt Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Ghillie Suit Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Merc Armor Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Merc Vest Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Plain Armor Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Explorer Shirt, Camo Shirt, Merc Shirt, Bandolier Closed, Leather Jacket Custom Villain Yes $2.49
Rebreather Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Rocket Backpack Custom Villain Yes $0.49
Emblem Shirt, Heavy Bandolier, Bandolier Open Custom Villain Yes $1.49
Bandit Boots Custom Villain No $0.49
Bandit Gloves Custom Villain No $0.49
Bandit Hat Custom Villain No $0.49
Bandit Pants Custom Villain No $0.49
Bandit Shirt Custom Villain No $0.49
Desperado Boots Custom Villain No $0.49
Desperado Gloves Custom Villain No $0.49
Desperado Hat Custom Villain No $0.49
Desperado Pants Custom Villain No $0.49
Desperado Shirt Custom Villain No $0.49

All the DLC for stage 4 is obtainable via the PS Store. You can preview any item in-game before you buy.  Most of the items in this stage can be unlocked by playing the game and leveling up. So if you prefer to grind and collect treasure sets you would be able to unlock some of these items in this DLC stage but now you can just download them instantly. The choice is yours.  

Ever wanted to look like a Bandit or a Desperado? Now your custom villain character can. The Bandit and Desperado custom parts can only be unlocked via download on the PS Store. So download a cool new look for your villains today!

This is the final stage of the new DLC content but we have a ton more in store for you including patch 1.15. We’ll have details on Patch 1.15 once the patch has been tested and is ready to go.

See you online!

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