New The Last of Us screenshots

Late last night (or early in the morning if you're in Europe), we released a slew of screenshots from a gameplay demo we showed Game Informer back in January - and we provided a brief walkthrough on the events in the demo itself.

By arne | Twitter @arnemeyer | Friday March 02 2012

New The Last of Us screenshots

Last night on both the PS.Blog US and PS.Blog EU - we posted screenshots from a gameplay demo of The Last of Us that only the staff of Game Informer got to see. Up until now, these screenshots and the overview of what happened in the demo were only available within the pages of the March issue of Game Informer (or the digital version). We've cross-posted the text from the PS.Blog posts below - along with all the screenshots.

February has been a month flush with new information about The Last of Us trickling out from a variety of websites, magazines and more that have visited the Naughty Dog studio over the past three months. One of the more in-depth looks at The Last of Us came from the US publication Game Informer, who put together a cover story hub for all the OTHER information they managed to squeeze out of us from a very, very short visit.

The most important part of their visit, to me, was that we were able to show a well-polished, nearly fifteen minute game demo of The Last of Us. The gameplay demo starts with Joel and Ellie driving down a highway congested with abandoned vehicles, eventually encountering another survivor who looks hurt and is limping towards their pickup truck. Surprisingly, Joel hits the accelerator and just before he barrels into the survivor, he pulls out a gun and shoots at Joel – missing Joel and only breaking the windshield. With this immediate threat behind them, Joel doesn’t have time to react as another survivor in the group rolls a bus downhill towards Joel and Ellie, broad siding them and sending the truck careening into a long-abandoned convenience store.

The Last of Us - Joel hit with plank

The Last of Us - Joel uses plank as a weapon

This is where the gameplay begins – a very tense, deliberate overview of the unique AI for The Last of Us, how the balance of power between weapons creates an atmosphere of extreme tension in combat, exploring the environment and scavenging, and the relationship between Joel and Ellie – both in-combat and out of combat.

The Last of Us - Joel grappling

Joel and Ellie are immediately besieged by the group of survivors, leading to a brutal melee sequence with Joel before other survivors reveal that they have a gun and start shooting at Joel. This tips the balance of power until Joel can draw his own gun and then both sides are taking cover and moving around to try to get a good shot off. When Joel’s pistol clicks, revealing he has no ammunition, the remaining survivor thinks he’s got the upper hand and moves much more aggressively since he still has a gun with ammo. Just when he thinks he’s got Joel, Ellie whips a brick at him, stunning him long enough for Joel to take him out via melee attacks.

The Last of Us - Ellie throws brickThe Last of Us - Ellie throws brick

But this was only the first wave of this group of survivors after Joel and Ellie. A new pack arrive in the convenience store, carrying a variety of weapons and Joel and Ellie duck out a broken window to reassess the situation and figure out how they can get out of here alive. What ensues are several minutes of cat and mouse and Joel and Ellie diligently work to take out each of the survivors one-by-one until none remain.

The Last of Us - Joel and Ellie on the run The Last of Us - Joel throws brick

With the combat behind them, Joel and Ellie banter back and forth while they thoroughly explore the environment for anything that they can scavenge that may be useful to them. The exploration takes them through an abandoned building where the survivors apparently were camped out (and killing innocent people) to another roadway choked with abandoned vehicles – strangely beautiful as nature has really overgrown everything – as they head towards the bridge that is their only way out of this city, and any other survivors with less than noble intentions.

The Last of Us - Joel and Ellie in well lit street The Last of Us - Joel looks at corpse
The Last of Us - Joel and Ellie talking
The Last of Us - Ellie finds ammo The Last of Us - Clogged hallway

ALL of the screenshots were taken directly from our gameplay demo – yes, actual gameplay. I think they do a great job of representing a decent slice of the beauty and destruction present in the environments, and of the exploration and brutal nature of conflict in the world of The Last of Us.

The Last of Us - Ellie checks dead body

The team has been cranking away at building more to the game and story of The Last of Us since we last hosted visitors – we can’t wait to pull back the curtain just a little more when the time comes.

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