Patch 1.14 Notes

Patch 1.14 will arrive for Uncharted 3 shortly. It address a few critical issues and fixes we wanted to make. 

By Admin | Twitter 1767600 | Thursday August 09 2012

Patch 1.14 Notes

Patch 1.13 is live and there are a few more fixes we want to get out to you. We’ve submitted a new patch for approval and testing. We will be deploying it as soon as it’s ready to go. We expect this to be live early next week around when stage 1 of the new DLC hits the PS Store. The changes for Patch 1.14 are as follows:

  • Previously purchased characters and emblems will be properly unlocked for Legacy players
  • Djinn and Guerro voiceovers have been restored
  • Wins/Losses will in the Lab playlist will not be counted in the leaderboards or on a player’s personal stats

This is an incremental patch, so it’s only a 30MB download. You won’t have to download the whole 260MB patch 1.13 again. We will update you once Patch 1.14 is ready. Get ready for Bunny Ears and Jak Goggles next week!

See you online!


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