UNCHARTED 2 Anniversary Skins going out!

If you played during our UNCHARTED 2 Anniversary Event on Saturday, October 16 -- the Anniversary Drake skin is now active in your multiplayer profile!

By arne | Twitter @arnemeyer | Tuesday October 19 2010

UNCHARTED 2 Anniversary Skins going out!

As we mentioned last week, everyone in our community who played during our UNCHARTED 2 Anniversary Event on Saturday, October 16, will be receiving exclusive access to the special Anniversary Drake multiplayer skin. We've JUST completed making the necessary updates and the next time you log into UNCHARTED 2 multiplayer -- it should show version 1.09.033 or higher in the upper right -- everyone who participated will be able to select the Anniversary Drake skin in the Hero Character selection within their online profile in multiplayer. If you have ANY issues whatsoever -- did you play but you don't have the skin? Are you missing skins you should have in your multiplayer profile? -- please head to this thread in our community forums and let us know! We'll be keeping a close eye in the thread and will work with all of your to correct any valid issues we hear about. Thanks to all of our wonderful fan community for an awesome year and, from all of us at Naughty Dog who played with you -- thanks to everyone who participated in the UNCHARTED 2 Anniversary event - we had a blast!!

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