Uncharted 3 Lab Update: New Block Mesh Lab Map

Happy new Lab Tuesday! We're rolling out a wild, new block mesh Lab map and some minor live updates today.

By Admin | Twitter 1767600 | Tuesday November 20 2012

Uncharted 3 Lab Update: New Block Mesh Lab Map

Happy new Lab Tuesday! We have a wild one this week for you. Game Designer Kurt Margenau’s (@KurtMargenau) fascination with zip lines spawned a block mesh Lab map concocted from the deep recesses of his mind that we’ve affectionately named “Flying Spaghetti Monster.” Kurt’s “Flying Spaghetti Monster” will be available today before 630pm PST. Get ready for some fast-paced motion and rambunctious skeet shooting of your multiplayer opponents.  

There are a few updates to Uncharted 3 Multiplayer this week as well. We have rebalanced three-team deathmatch power weapons and starting spawns. All teams will now have a fair chance to get to the power weapons on the map from their starting spawn. We’ve also added death regions to certain levels unscrupulous people had been exploiting via a glitch. Check out those changes once the Lab is live.

Next Tuesday, after the Thanksgiving holiday in the USA ends, we’ll be retiring the Halloween themed items and rolling out some new Tournament prizes. As always, check out the calendar on your stats page for other upcoming Labs and multiplayer events. See you online!

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