Uncharted 3 Lab Update: Team Objective T-Bolt and Pistoles Only

New Lab available now, some matchmaking and multiplayer tweaks, and a reminder about profile resets. 

By Admin | Twitter 1767600 | Tuesday November 13 2012

Uncharted 3 Lab Update: Team Objective T-Bolt and Pistoles Only

The new lab this week involves the Team Objective game types. You’ll be armed with a T-Bolt and Pistole only. The lab is available now. Load up the Lab playlist and get ready to crush those objectives.

We’ve made some live updates to Uncharted 3 Multiplayer. Matchmaking will now search for players within a wider range of rank. For instance, if you’re level 75, we will form a match for you looking for players ranked 40 and higher. This should help matchmaking happen more quickly.

We want to drop a quick reminder about profile resets. It’s a rare occurrence that’s been happening to a few players. It typically occurs after accepting the EULA when it pops up again. As we said last week, we can likely retrieve your account data if you contact us as soon as it happens. If you see your profile data has been reset at all, please don’t play past level 10 on the same account. Send us a direct message us via the forums right away and wait until we reply. Read full details on what to do here.

As always, check out the calendar on your stats page for other upcoming labs and multiplayer events. See you online!  


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