Uncharted 3 - Patch 1.17 Notes

Colors! Platinum tier! We've once again skipped over a number and gone to the next one as this patch has some pretty big hidden technical hooks. Patch 1.17 hits Uncharted 3 Multiplayer today. 

By Admin | Twitter 1767600 | Monday February 25 2013

Uncharted 3 - Patch 1.17 Notes

We're starting off the week with a taste of what's in store. This patch will set up everything so we can deploy our biggest update to Uncharted 3 Multiplayer yet tomorrow.

Patch 1.17 Notes

Available: Globally - February 25, 2013 before 6:30pm PST. 


  • Inactive players leaderboard reset 
  • Naughty Dog Paw icon will appear near your rank icon - we love you. We'll explain more tomorrow. 
  • Multiple Block Mesh Lab Maps can now be added to the Lab and Custom Games Playlist by Naughty Dog 
  • More than one Lab Map may now appear in the Lab Playlist
  • The following Medals have been removed from Team Objective and Plunder:




Strike Three

Spray and Pray

Long Ranger


Oh Snap


  • Changes to existing Team Objective and Plunder medals:

Expansionist from 5 territories to 2 and $1,000 to $500

None Shall Pass from 5 kills to 2 and $1,000 to $500

Captured from $500 to $2,000

Protectorate from $250 to $1,000

No Cigar from $750 to $2,000

Executioner from $250 to $1,000

Guard Duty $350 to $1,500



  • Additional colors added to every item and skin. - MOAR COLORS! Hooray!
  • New head items item for various characters - available later on  
  • New shirts for custom characters - available later on



  • Platinum tournament tier - reached at 23,500 points
  • 11 new items just for the Tournament rewards
  • Starting immediate Platinum Tournament rewards are Drake Shade Raptor Mask and Talbot Shade Dive Helmet, these will be unlocked once you acheive Platinum for the first time.
  • There are four new Platinum tier permanent unlocks for the Djinn Skin.
  • You will earn the Djinn Stunner Shades after 2 Platinum tiers.
  • You will earn the Djinn Head Wrap after 4 Platinum tiers.
  • You will earn the Djinn Helmet after 6 Platinum tiers.
  • You will earn the Djinn Horns after 8 Platinum tiers. The Djinn horns have a stat that no other item has: +Aimed Movement Speed!



  • Addressed several recurrent bugs
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