| Untimed: A Naughty Dog Founder’s Latest Project | 2012 Dec 21

By Eric-ND

Untimed: A Naughty Dog Founder’s Latest Project

In the spirit of the end of the year, and surviving the 2012 phenomenon, we thought it would be good to give you an update on one of the founding Dogs. Last time Naughty Dog Co-Founder Andy Gavin dropped by our offices the Jak and Daxter Collection was being launched. After finishing his well-received novel The Darkening Dream, Andy’s been a very busy man. He’s written a brand new, even more ambitious book entitled Untimed. It’s available now! To celebrate the release of his book Andy has given us some cool giveaways. He will be signing a paperback copy of Untimed for one lucky, randomly chosen winner! Also, we’ll be giving a digital code for a download of the book to another randomly chosen winner. To win you have to answer this trivia question correctly and post it in the comments section. Good luck! GIVEAWAY TRIVIA: Andrew Gavin has a long standing love of what? (Hint: it led him to pitch for it in Crash Bandicoot: Warped! and Jak 2….and Read more...

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