| The Last of Us: Grounded Bundle and Season Pass End | 2014 Apr 16

By Eric-ND

The Last of Us: Grounded Bundle and Season Pass End

We’re pleased to announce the third and final drop in The Last of Us season pass. Here’s a rundown of what’s in the Grounded Bundle. New trophies and a mix of single player and multiplayer content await you in this DLC drop. Grounded Mode will be the hardest challenge you’ll ever face as you try to complete the single player campaign of The Last of Us. The AI is relentless, smart, and brutal and survival will be near impossible. “Completed Grounded Mode” might be one of the most difficult trophies you’ll ever earn. If you’re not a season pass holder Grounded Mode will cost $4.99 standalone. The Reclaimed Territories Map Pack features four news maps: Wharf, Capitol, Coal Mine, and Water Tower. Each map has a mix of trophies attached and is set in location that will be familiar yet unfamiliar to players of the single player campaign. Intelligent use of climbing, stealth, flanking, and all your clan survival techniques will be Read more...

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| The Last of Us Remastered Teaser Trailer | 2014 Apr 11


The Last of Us Remastered Teaser Trailer

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s announcement of The Last of Us Remastered on PS4 comes this teaser trailer. We’re also making the trailer available as a full 1080p download, if you want to experience it without the necessary streaming compression. Hope you like this little tease – you can be sure you’ll be seeing more of what The Last of Us Remastered looks like as we get closer to launch. We can’t wait to show you more! (Oh, and don't forget you can preorder The Last of Us Remastered now!) Read more...

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| The Last of Us Remastered – Coming to PS4 Summer 2014 | 2014 Apr 09

By arne

The Last of Us Remastered – Coming to PS4 Summer 2014

Well, it’s no secret that we have been working night and day at the studio to bring The Last of Us to PS4. We’re calling it The Last of Us Remastered. Moving our efforts to the PS4 has allowed us to remaster an already phenomenal looking The Last of Us in 1080p with a list of upgrades including higher resolution character models, improved shadows and lighting, and upgraded textures, along with even more improvements. We love setting challenging technical hurdles for us when working on each game – and this is no different. We’ve been working hard on The Last of Us Remastered to release a next-gen evolution worthy of the 200+ Game of the Year awards, not to mention the acclaim and expectations of our fans. We will be revealing more detailed information about the upgrades for the PS4 version in the coming months. In addition to all the technical updates, we’re also including an exclusive director’s commentary for all in-game cinematics Read more...

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| PAX East 2014: PlayStation Worldwide Studios Community Exchange | 2014 Apr 04

By Eric-ND

PAX East 2014: PlayStation Worldwide Studios Community Exchange

April truly marks the beginning of the gaming event season in many ways. With spring in full bloom it’s the best time to try something fresh and new. We’re doing just that at PAX East this year. For the first time ever, five of PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios community teams have banded together to construct a community focused booth. Come hang out with your PlayStation family in booth #608 at the Boston Convention Center April 11-13. You can discuss, share, and create PlayStation memories with community team leads from Guerrilla, Media Molecule, Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, and Sony Xdev. We have a slew of daily activities planned for all attendees, even those who cannot make the trip to Boston. Join our conversation now and all show long with #PSPax to participate! While you’re there we’ll be offering up some highly collectible PlayStation memorabilia. This merchandise is rare, coveted, unique to PAX East, and will sell out! Here’s Read more...

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| 2014 Naughty Dog GDC Talks and The Last of Us Accolades | 2014 Mar 14

By Eric-ND

2014 Naughty Dog GDC Talks and The Last of Us Accolades

As we did in in 2012, we’ll have a large pack of Dogs giving talks at GDC 2014. We just wrapped up The Last of Us: Left Behind to universal critical acclaim. It currently has a score of 89 on Metacritic making it the highest rated PS3 downloadable content ever. We also recently received five BAFTA awards, including the coveted Best Game in 2014, for our work on The Last of Us. We’re now heading to GDC to talk about some of the techniques and process that went into making The Last of Us, which has now hit over six million copies sold worldwide, as well as what made Left Behind, our first ever downloadable, single player story chapter, so unique. The full list of sessions for all Naughty Dog talks, along with dates, times, locations and descriptions, is available below. Visit the GDC Schedule builder if you want to put these sessions in your calendar, export them or print them out.   Elisabetta Silli | Game Designer   Location: Read more...

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| Go Behind the Scenes of The Last of Us and The Last of Us: Left Behind | 2014 Feb 28

By Eric-ND

Go Behind the Scenes of The Last of Us and The Last of Us: Left Behind

Stop reading now and head here if you haven’t completed The Last of Us: Left Behind or The Last of Us. To be crystal clear so you’re not tempted to read on….   SPOILERS AHEAD – TURN BACK NOW       OK, if you HAVE played the new story chapter and learned about Ellie’s adventures and relationship with Riley, we’re happy to show you our addendum to Grounded, our feature-length documentary on the development of The Last of Us. Our new video is called From Dreams – The Making of The Last of Us: Left Behind. Watch it now:   Maybe you’ve caught Grounded: The Making of The Last of Us on Amazon Instant Video or via the Season Pass on PSN.  Perhaps you prefer to watch videos on YouTube. We made that possible as the full feature is now up on the PlayStation YouTube channel. We are exploring additional ways to make these videos available to watch in your region of the world. These are the stories Read more...

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| The Last of Us: Left Behind Available Now | 2014 Feb 13

By NDruckmann

The Last of Us: Left Behind Available Now

It’s been an incredible February. On the same night, The Last of Us won big at the 41st annual Annie Awards and the 2014 Writers Guild Awards. Five days later, we took home ten awards including Game of the Year, Adventure Game of the Year, Outstanding Character Performance by Ashley Johnson for her role as Ellie,  and many others at the 17th annual DICE Awards. To date we’ve received over 230 Game of the Year picks around the globe. We are deeply honored and humbled to receive such high praise and recognition from our peers and industry fans. On behalf of everyone that worked on The Last of Us, thank you! We’re proud to continue this strong month by releasing our first ever single-player downloadable story campaign, The Last of Us: Left Behind. Unless you’re on a media blackout check out the launch trailer for Left Behind: Left Behind tells the story of Ellie and Riley. It continues the themes of survival, loyalty, and love that we explored in Read more...

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| The Last of Us Patch 1.06 Available Today! | 2014 Feb 13

By arne

The Last of Us Patch 1.06 Available Today!

Later today, Patch 1.06 for The Last of Us will be available in all regions globally. If you are already logged in, please be sure to quit out to the XMB and back into The Last of Us to receive the patch. This patch is REQUIRED to play our downloadable chapter, The Last of Us: Left Behind. For Patch 1.06, we made extensive changes across many aspects of our multiplayer game. In most of the cases, these changes are meant to fix or improve things we saw in the Multiplayer game. Head over to these threads in the official forums for The Last of Us to get more details on why we made these changes in and provide feedback (or report new issues) on Patch 1.06: General Patch 1.06 thread Networking changes feedback Interrogation Mode changes feedback Reviving and Bleed-out changes feedback Melee changes feedback Supply Box changes feedback Loadout changes feedback   Patch 1.06 File Size: 103 MB Table of Contents Single Player Networking Network Read more...

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| Spread the Love: Naughty Dog Celebrates Valentine’s Day 2014 | 2014 Feb 12

By Eric-ND

Spread the Love: Naughty Dog Celebrates Valentine’s Day 2014

It’s that time of year again. The time when many people’s thoughts and most things you find in stores turn to hearts, sparkles, and some form of red and white paper craft. Or maybe this kind of heartfelt celebration is a joyful, everyday occurrence for you. Even if you’re the Who-needs-love type we have something special for you to mark the occasion.  As you might recall last year we posted up some funny Valentines featuring heroes, villains, and objects from our games. We’ve expanded the cast of characters this year. Check out a few sentimental reflections on love, tenderness, and romantic etiquette from our beloved IP - The Last of Us, Uncharted, and Jak and Daxter.  Drawn by Alexandria Neonakis and Lily Nishita, two of our many talented artists at Naughty Dog, these ardent wishes are the perfect surprise for your favorite friend or biggest crush. So select a proper sentiment or favorite character and paste it into an email. It’s Read more...

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| Holiday Greetings from Naughty Dog! | 2013 Dec 12

By Eric-ND

Holiday Greetings from Naughty Dog!

Wishing you all a very Happy Holidays from everyone at Naughty Dog! Aside from launch day, this is the most wonderful time of the year! 2013 marked the launch of The Last of Us and the two-year anniversary of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. We also were honored to take home the Studio of the Year award at the Spike VGX and hope it’s the first of many to come. The Last of Us won many awards already and is up for even more so please show your support where you can and wish us luck on the ones you can’t vote for! Currently The Last of Us team is hard at work on our first ever single player DLC, The Last of Us: Left Behind. It’s shaping up to be awesome and we’ll have more news on it soon. We released a glimpse into its world recently: As for our UNCHARTED team, they’re really busy too. If you haven’t seen the teaser trailer from the PS4 launch event in November, yet you definitely should watch it now:  Once Read more...

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| The Last of Us Season Pass Benefits and Go Between The Lines with Neil Druckmann | 2013 Nov 18

By Eric-ND

The Last of Us Season Pass Benefits and Go Between The Lines with Neil Druckmann

Our first-ever single player DLC, The Last of Us: Left Behind, was unveiled last week in New York during the PS4 launch event. If you haven’t seen the teaser, check it out now. There are some cool hints as to what kind of gameplay you’ll be seeing in the video. The Last of Us: Left Behind is one element of our $19.99 Season Pass. We wanted the Season Pass to be all-inclusive and a great value. The first piece of DLC for the Season Pass was our Abandoned Territories Map Pack. The Abandoned Territories Map Pack released in October and it’s a blast with four brand new maps for the Factions multiplayer in The Last of Us.  In addition to our behind-the-scenes documentary, Grounded: The Making of The Last of Us, we added over 60 multiplayer head items to the Season Pass. The Country Flag Hats and Nightmare Bundle are out now. We’re making the next three bundles special for Season Pass holders by making them available starting as soon the Read more...

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| The Last of Us Nightmare Bundle Available this Week | 2013 Nov 04

By Eric-ND

The Last of Us Nightmare Bundle Available this Week

We’re keeping the spirit of Halloween alive and kicking this week as the Nightmare Bundle will be available when the PlayStation®Store updates in your region. This is our second batch of multiplayer head items. These nine gnarly masks and helmets can be downloaded for free if you buy The Last of Us Season Pass. If you still haven’t purchased a Season Pass, get it now as you’ll be savings over 75% versus buying all DLC individually. If you don’t want to buy individual items or the Season Pass, these Nightmare head items are also part of a bundle. If you want the Nightmare Mask for your character they’ll only be able to wear it if you have a Season Pass or purchase the Nightmare Bundle. In other words, the Nightmare Mask is exclusive to the Nightmare Bundle and Season Pass holders. Get ready for more The Last of Us coverage, multiplayer head items, and DLC news in the coming weeks. See you online! Read more...

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| The Last of Us Country Flag Hats Available Now | 2013 Oct 22

By Eric-ND

The Last of Us Country Flag Hats Available Now

Halloween is rapidly approaching in North America. We’re celebrating by starting to roll out the initial batch of the multiplayer head items for The Last of Us multiplayer. First up are the Country Flag hats. Comprising twenty-two items representing twenty-two countries these hats are included as part of The Last of Us Season Pass. If you haven’t purchased a Season Pass, it’s a great deal with 75% savings over buying all DLC individually. If you’d rather buy these hats separately, they are available for $0.99 each. If you’ve missed out entirely and haven’t even picked up The Last of Us yet, the North American PlayStation®Store is kicking off their Sale of the Dead with deep discounts on the digital version of the full game. Visit the Sale of the Dead blog post for specifics.  Apocalypse is the first community run The Last of Us tournament ever. We’re happy to lend support and provide prizing for it. Check out this fan Read more...

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| The Last of Us We Love Fine Fan Art Design Contest | 2013 Oct 15

By Eric-ND

The Last of Us We Love Fine Fan Art Design Contest

The Last of Us has reached its four month anniversary. To celebrate we’re working with We Love Fine to hold a fan art design contest for The Last of Us. If you’ve survived Joel and Ellie’s journey by now, you likely have some compelling ideas about certain aspects of the game you’d like to see in the real world. We want to see those ideas! Enter into the design contest and your design could be featured on future The Last of Us merchandise. The submission period starts today so get inspired and you might win some really cool prizes! The Submission period will run from 12:01 AM PST on October 15, 2013 until 11:59 PM Pacific Time on November 11, 2013. You can submit up to five designs in total. Eight days after submissions close a rating period starts in which all our fans can rate each entered design. Taking those ratings as a way to bubble favorites up to the top once December 17 hits we’ll start the final judging period. In conjunction with We Read more...

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| The Last of Us: Abandoned Territories Map Pack and Patch 1.05 Available Now | 2013 Oct 15

By Eric-ND

The Last of Us: Abandoned Territories Map Pack and Patch 1.05 Available Now

 Our first DLC for The Last of Us launches today when the PlayStation Store updates. Want to see it in action now? Here it is: You can buy the Abandoned Territories Map Pack for $9.99 stand-alone or, if you’re looking for a great value, the map pack is included in the $19.99 The Last of Us Season Pass. We recently detailed our future plans for all Season Pass DLC and the 75% savings you’ll get by purchasing one. The Season Pass will be available for a limited time so grab it via the PlayStation Store or at your local game retailer today. We’ve also patched certain aspects of the game. In fact we re-doubled our patch version 1.04 efforts decided to skip straight to 1.05. You can hear about the major changes via Patch 1.05 in this video. If you want to see all changes with Patch 1.05; here’s our list. Patch 1.05 will be rolling out globally over the next 24 hours. MULTIPLAYER Abandoned Territories Map Pack DLC DLC playlist added Read more...

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| The Last of Us Multiplayer Reveal | 2013 Jun 04

By Eric-ND

The Last of Us Multiplayer Reveal

Over the past few days we invited media to play our The Last of Us multiplayer mode called Factions. Most of these impressions are available online now but you’ll be seeing more as our review embargo on the game ends very soon. The multiplayer is extension of the themes you’ll find in the single player game. The moment-to-moment survival present in the single player campaign is integral to the multiplayer. You’ll feel tension and need to be intensely alert at all times. We want to show you a glimpse of what the gameplay looks like: In Factions you’ll have to pick a side and roll with the Hunters or the Fireflies. Each player starts with a small clan of survivors that you need to keep alive and grow.  There are two modes in which you can accomplish the growth and survival of your Clan. In Supply Raid, you’ll have to scavenge the area and keep your team alive. Your team has a pool of twenty reinforcements. Once the reinforcements have been Read more...

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| Tribeca Film Festival 2013 | 2013 May 24

By JScherr

Tribeca Film Festival 2013

A few weeks back, I was given the opportunity to represent Naughty Dog on a panel at the Tribeca Film Festival.  The panel, entitled “New Standards, New Aesthetics,” aimed to discuss new creative formats and tools available to storytellers, including 3D, 4k digital cameras, and… video games?  Yeah, it might seem unusual to include video games at a film festival, but the TFF in recent years has provided avenues for interactive titles to be showcased to an audience that might not be as familiar with the medium.  Josh Topolsky – EIC of The Verge and the panel moderator – wanted to include us because he felt Naughty Dog’s titles bridge the gap between games and film. Plus, it meant a trip to New York City with my family, so why not? The panel was held at 92Y Tribeca, a cool community space used for theater, film, and other public events.  What’s nice about these panels is that they’re free to the general Read more...

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| The Music of The Last of Us: Gustavo Santaolalla | 2013 May 17

By Eric-ND

The Music of The Last of Us: Gustavo Santaolalla

When pre-production started in earnest on The Last of Us there was a folder of music files featuring work by some of the preeminent musicians in video games, television, and film. These tracks held a sampling of the ideal musical quality, direction, and tone we wanted to have for the project. The Academy Award winning work of Gustavo Santaolalla appeared multiple times. Being that he had never composed for video games before the thought of getting him to work on The Last of Us seemed a bit farfetched. He was approached by our music group at Sony and, well, this video will tell you the full story about the man himself and how he came to work on The Last of Us:     We are honored to have Gustavo’s music and talents in our game. The texture of Gustavo’s musical score serves the game’s narrative and the music is rife with poignant, descriptive and intimate sounds. His work is unlike anything heard in a video game before. It’s a beautiful, Read more...

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| The Last of Us: Watch the Extended First TV Spot | 2013 Apr 01

By Eric-ND

The Last of Us: Watch the Extended First TV Spot

We kicked off the television campaign for The Last of Us on Sunday, with our first official TV spot on the season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead. We’d like to share with you the extended version story trailer that TV spot called out. Take a look at some new gameplay from The Last of Us:     This gameplay represents a slice of the journey Joel and Ellie will be taking across the United States. They’ll travel westward, traversing different climates, environments, and seasons. The moral dilemmas and decisions they’re forced to make will test the limits of their conscience and humanity. Who is a friend and who is a foe? The Last of Us explores many questions that deal with themes of loyalty, love, and redemption. We’re excited to hear what you have to say about the game and its narrative. The Last of Us will be available June 14th, 2013.   Read more...

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| Naughty Dog Celebrates Valentine’s Day | 2013 Feb 11

By Eric-ND

Naughty Dog Celebrates Valentine’s Day

Happy Monday! You may already be stringing up paper hearts or you may be the down on love type but ready or not this week is the week that Valentine’s Day happens around the world. To make sure you’re prepared for V-day this Thursday we’re starting your week out right and giving you a set of awesome UNCHARTED and The Last of Us Valentines to print out. These are perfect to give to your friends, family, and super-secret crushes. How could anyone spurn Brock the Brick? And Sully’s stache will surely melt anyone’s heart! Credit: Alexandria Neonakis (@beavs) You can download the full set of valentines via here or here. We challenge you to come up with your own Naughty Dog themed Valentine’s Day valentines. Please link to your own creations on our forums. We will still take submissions in the comments section below. We’ll review them internally on Valentine's Day (Feb 14) and select a random person to receive some very cool Naughty Read more...

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| The Last of Us Demo Available for God of War: Ascension Owners | 2013 Jan 24

By Eric-ND

The Last of Us Demo Available for God of War: Ascension Owners

In just a few short months, The Last of Us will launch and put the fate of Joel and Ellie into your hands as they embark on a brutal journey across a post-pandemic United States. Right now, May 7, 2013 might seem like a long way away so to help assuage the excruciating wait we have some very exciting news to share with you. We’re announcing today that you’ll be able to demo The Last of Us when it becomes available prior to launch by picking up a copy of God of War: Ascension. Fans that picked up God of War: Ascension will be the only people to get their hands on this chapter of The Last of Us prior to the launch of the full game! We teamed up with the development crew at Santa Monica Studio to include a chapter of The Last of Us in every copy of God of War: Ascension so you won’t have to wait too long to get your hands on two of the biggest games of the year. You’ll simply have to load your God of War: Ascension disc into your PS3 and find The Last Read more...

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| Happy Holidays from Naughty Dog! | 2012 Dec 25

By Eric-ND

Happy Holidays from Naughty Dog!

As 2013 starts to dawn and we all know we survived the 2012 phenomenon we wanted to wish you a very happy holidays from Naughty Dog studio! 2012 was jam packed with breaking news about The Last of Us and fresh content reveals for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. On the Uncharted 3 front, we recently announced our holiday items and we’ll have even more content inbound in the New Year. Additionally, we have some very exciting information about multiplayer around the start of next year. Get ready for all the big news by checking back to the PlayStation blog and Naughty Dog blog once 2013 hits.   Speaking of 2013, there’s a very special date you need have marked down if you haven’t already: May 7, 2013. We’re all working towards that date now as we announced that The Last of Us will be in stores globally May 7, 2013 during the 2012 Spike Video Game Awards. If you haven’t been able to watch the Story trailer we released at the show check Read more...

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| Naughty Dog TV - The Last of Us: E3 2012 | 2012 Sep 14

By Eric-ND

Naughty Dog TV - The Last of Us: E3 2012

We have a special episode of Naughty Dog TV this month. This year at PAX Prime we were finally able to publically release everything we had prepared for E3 2012. Now that everything is out we want to share a video that speaks to what went into making The Last of Us demo and all the accompanying assets we have put out there. The Last of Us team also talks about the reception we got coming out of E3 and what it was like to be there. It was a challenging, nerve-racking, but ultimately a very rewarding and very fun ride. Here's a glimpse into our view of the event:     Hope you enjoyed that. Thank you for all the support and feedback on The Last of Us, both positive, critical, off-kilter, negative, and everything in-between over these past few months. It's already been a wild ride and we're really just getting started. Get ready for more in the coming months as 2013 comes upon us.  Read more...

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| The Last of Us @ PAX Prime 2012 | 2012 Aug 27

By Eric-ND

The Last of Us @ PAX Prime 2012

We’re heading to PAX Prime! Along with PAX East this is one of the most exciting conventions of the year for us as PAX always features some of the best panels, all the most passionate fans and we’re all there for one thing: GAMING. To that end we’ll be showing off a demo of The Last of Us in these digs: Recognize the room? Probably not but some of you may be able to place it in the world of The Last of Us. If you can’t figure it out watch the announcement trailer and our E3 demo for some clues.   For everyone who stops by to check out the demo we’re giving we’ll have exclusive PAX Prime 2012 t-shirts for you: Over the course of the show we will also be giving away 11x17 posters to hang on your wall or plaster around your town. The poster features custom artwork by Alexander Iaccarino, That Kid who Draws, made specifically for PAX Prime. It’s pretty amazing:  The Last of Us Game Director (The) Bruce Straley will be Read more...

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| Cinematic Process in The Last of Us - Gamescom 2012 | 2012 Aug 15

By Eric-ND

Cinematic Process in The Last of Us - Gamescom 2012

Yesterday at Gamescom in Germany Troy Baker, the voice of Joel, and Ashley Johnson, the voice of Ellie, took the stage with moderator Arne Meyer, Community Strategist at Naughty Dog, to talk about the cinematic process, the performances, and the creative ideas at play in The Last of Us. Before the presentation began our game’s directors had a few words to say about the project:     In order to make everything Bruce and Neil discuss in the video a reality, the performances of Troy, Ashley, and every actor involved play a crucial role. Performance capture is a long and time intensive process. It involves tight mocap suits, long hours, a ton of writing and often some fortuitous ad-lib. We called attention to these performances, one of the first steps to the game’s cinematic process, at our panel during San Diego Comic Con. At Gamescom we went deeper into the process and now you can watch the raw mocap for the cinematic that introduced Bill, played by Read more...

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| The Last of Us Gamescom 2012 Trailer | 2012 Aug 14

By arne

The Last of Us Gamescom 2012 Trailer

Hello from Gamescom everyone! It’s always a treat to head out to Germany and show our latest project to media and fans from all over Europe. Earlier today we revealed a brand new trailer we edited especially for Gamescom. Set to a fitting and haunting track by Hank Williams, Sr., this new trailer mixes previously seen content along with some brand new cinematic and gameplay footage to provide some more detail of the beautiful environments and dangerous opposition Joel and Ellie face on their journey across the United States.     I’ll be here for a couple days with Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, who play Joel and Ellie in The Last of Us, as they reveal more about the acting process to press from all over Europe. If you’re at Gamescom, be sure to hit the convention floor to get your own eyes on our E3 demo. Read more...

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| The Last of Us found in Russia | 2012 Jul 27

By arne

The Last of Us found in Russia

  @Naughty_Dog saw this cool #lastofus hood on the outskirts of Moscow. I want one and so do you... twitter.com/rickarabian/st… — Rick Arabian (@rickarabian) July 25, 2012     Read more...

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| SDCC 2012 - Bill’s Safe House Cinematic | 2012 Jul 13

By Eric-ND

SDCC 2012 - Bill’s Safe House Cinematic

While we’re still processing the awesome and inspiring reception from fans and critics at E3, we’ve been heads down working to make The Last of Us something to get really, really hyped about. To that end we’re excited that our San Diego Comic Con plans afforded us the opportunity to discuss our mocap process and share some new content. It was really just a small glimpse into what we’ve been hard at work developing but we think you’ll enjoy it greatly. Take a look:     First shown during our San Diego Comic Con panel, if you listen carefully at the onset of the video you’ll hear the noises and sounds of Infected as they hunt Joel and Ellie. They manage to escape into the house of some guy in a gas mask. Are they safe? The masked man turns out to be a new character named Bill. Bill knows Joel somehow and, as you can see in the cinematic, owes Joel a favor.  What for? Well, we’re not talking about that yet but Read more...

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| Come see us at Comic-Con 2012! | 2012 Jul 09

By arne

Come see us at Comic-Con 2012!

I can't tell you enough how excited I am for Comic-Con! It's probably my favorite non-gaming specific convention every year, even when I've been busy working all five days at a booth. There seems to be a larger presence of gaming content every year, as videogames continues to gain more mainstream acceptance as an entertainment medium, and SDCC 2012 is no exception. We're glad to say that Naughty Dog will be back at SDCC again this year, with some fresh The Last of Us content in tow. Top on your list should be our panel on Friday, July 13, at 5:00 PM in room 25ABC on the second floor near the Lobby G escalators. Creative Director Neil Druckmann and Game Director Bruce Straley will be joined by Troy Baker (Joel), Ashley Johnson (Ellie), and a special, still-secret guest to discuss The Last of Us, featuring an exclusive reveal of a new cutscene. Our panel "The Last of Us: Behind the Scenes with Naughty Dog" will be Read more...

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| The Last of Us on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon | 2012 Jun 14

By Eric-ND

The Last of Us on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Last night video game week on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon continued as Game Director Bruce Straley and Creative Director Neil Druckmann injected some post-pandemic, brutal reality into the late night talkshow world. We were stoked to be able to demo a clip of gameplay first shown at E3 live on the show and happy to confirm the release year for The Last of Us. Jimmy's response to the gameplay speaks volumes and has to be seen. Check out all the action and Jimmy's reactions in this clip:     The Last of Us is coming in 2013. More information about The Last of Us and the story of Joel and Ellie is around the corner so keep your eyes open, stay focused, and be ready for anything. We can't wait to dive more deeply into the rugged, lethal world of The Last of Us with you!  Read more...

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| The Last of Us presents The Bruce | 2012 Jun 12


The Last of Us presents The Bruce

Throughout E3 2012 there were many announcements but one man stole the show, Bruce Straley. For us in the office we know Bruce as the Game Director of The Last of Us, but on Monday June 4th he became "The Bruce". At the Sony Press Conference after the amazing God of War Ascension demo, the lights went dark, the ambient sounds arose from the speakers and Bruce Straley walked to the stage to show the first gameplay demo of The Last of Us. As he played, a single light shined above him revealing the first ever recorded footage of "The Bruce".  The reveal of "The Bruce" it took off like a wild fire and during E3 you could see people all over the show floor channeling their inner "Bruce". Below are some of the Naughty Dog family doing their best impression of "The Bruce": More photos can be found on our Photo Dog Iki's Flickr account here As awesome as these are we want to see your best "The Bruce" poses. Send us links of your "The Bruce" in the comments and we Read more...

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| E3 2012: Paint It Black - The Last of Us Gameplay | 2012 Jun 04

By Eric-ND

E3 2012: Paint It Black - The Last of Us Gameplay

Did you catch the PlayStation press conference livestream? Notice when it went all black? We wanted to set a proper mood, tone, and stage for our debut of The Last of Us gameplay. The venue, as well as the hard work of the press conference production crew, afforded us a fantastic setup. It was an amazing opportunity to showcase our blood, sweat, and pixels on the massive video screen in the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena this Monday night. We’re amped by the response we’ve received so far and looking forward to a very busy, very fun E3. Everyone is willing to do whatever it takes to survive.If you didn’t catch the livestream or would like to see unadulterated, pure images of the gameplay watch this video. At this point in the story Joel and Ellie are attempting to get to the bridge and out of the city. They are tourists in an area that’s controlled by hunters. They are hunted and yet they too are hunters. Everyone is willing to do Read more...

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| The Last of Us: Joel and Ellie Truck Ambush Cinematic | 2012 May 15

By Eric-ND

The Last of Us: Joel and Ellie Truck Ambush Cinematic

It’s been nearly six months since we announced The Last of Us and development has been a beehive of activity. If you picked up the March 2012 issue of Game Informer or have seen any of the online coverage you might have read about Joel and Ellie’s time spent in an abandoned city they have driven to. We are excited to share a very fresh, very provocative video with you today. This video should answer some of the questions you had after reading the stories about what went down inside those city walls. You’ll get a glimpse into the lethality of the world Joel and Ellie are surviving in and what being a survivor in that world truly means.  ...glimpse into the lethality of the world Joel and Ellie are surviving in Joel and Ellie won’t have an easy road ahead on their journey across the U.S. Their path will intersect with other remaining survivors, some of which won’t be so friendly. In this scene Joel and Ellie continue the journey west in a Read more...

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