Tools Programmer (Game Team)


Naughty Dog, the studio behind best-selling franchises Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, Uncharted, and The Last of Us, seeks a Tools Programmer to work on our next cutting edge title. If you’re up for an adventure in crafting essential game tools to support some of the best talent in the industry, you may have what it takes to join our talented Kennel!

As a tools programmer at Naughty Dog, you will experience:

  • Total project ownership: talk directly to the artists and designers and design, build, and deploy the software by yourself.
  • Varied and challenging responsibilities. We have a small tools team, so you’ll interact with every game system and every department.


  • Designing, developing and supporting tools in our production pipeline
  • Work with our artists and designers to ensure tools are functioning properly
  • Continuously improve the user experience and performance of our tools
  • Additional responsibilities may be assigned as needed

Requirements & Skills

  • Excellent 3D math skills (especially linear algebra and vector math)
  • Strong graphics background
  • PS3, Xbox 360, PC or other related programming experience
  • Good oral and written skills
  • Experience with a shipped product from start to finish
  • B.S. in Computer Science and/or Mathematics or equivalent work experience
  • Self-motivated individual with excellent problem solving skills
  • Experience in creating one or more of the following PC applications: level editor (actor placement, navigation meshes, particles, boundary regions, etc), art prototype catalogue/database, animation/cinematic editor, material/shader editor, plug-ins, build tools, data messaging tools, lighting tools
  • Experience in using one or more of the following technologies: Maya Plug-in API, SQL, OpenGL, CG/HLSL
  • Ability to design, author, and maintain complex tools used in different parts of the production pipeline
  • Knowledge of scripting languages (Python/MelScript/Lua/VBScript.) *Preferred *
  • Experience using DCC applications (3DStudio/Maya/Photoshop/XSI/...) *Preferred*
  • GUI art/design skills *Preferred*

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