Facebook commenting enabled
 May 26, 2011

Facebook commenting enabled

We've enabled Facebook comments on the blog while we're sorting out some issues specfic to NaughtyDog.com that's preventing visitors from logging in through PSN.

Over the past week or so, since PSN has come back up, we've been looking into an issue with NaughtyDog.com that's preventing all of you from logging in via PSN to leave comments on the blog or log in to the Naughty Dog forums. We're still looking into the issue so we can make the necessary changes (if needed) to make sure everyone can log in to our site through the PSN log in process.

Since this has been taking a bit longer than we would have liked, we've temporarily enabled the Facebook Comments box plugin, which allows you to leave a comment on our blog posts through your Facebook, Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail accounts. We'll leave the Facebook Comments enabled until we've properly fixed the PSN log in process on NaughtyDog.com. Unfortunately, this means you're still unable to log into the Naughty Dog forums for the time being.

NOTE: Once PSN log ins have been enabled again, all of the past Facebook Comments will not be available on each individual blog post any longer.