Happy Naughty Dog Valentine’s Day 2015
 February 13, 2015

Happy Naughty Dog Valentine’s Day 2015

Celebrate Valentine's Day with some cool character valentines for your significant person and a new Clicker Pinny!

Over the past two years we’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day with some pretty memorable sweetness from a few of our characters. This year we’re marking not only Valentine’s Day but the one year anniversary of The Last of Us: Left Behind. To commend the occasion please enjoy these two adorable Ellie and Riley designs you can share with your special someone.

If you’re in a feistier mood Angel Knives and Black Fang from Raja’s Arcade are available to help you work out all your emotions.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be very loving if didn’t include our latest characters. Check out some incredible Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End card designs featuring Drake, Sam, and Nadine.

Last but not least, we wanted to make our valentines a bit more interactive this year. You can now predict your Valentine’s Day fate by asking Skeleseer in this awesome papercraft:

We recommend you print out all these lovely designs on card stock for more durable and longer lasting adoration. Just click on the links embedded in this blog to get print or email ready versions of the various valentines or download them all here. Once printed please share them online and, while you’re spreading the love, thank Alexandria and Lily for their wonderful creations.

We’re not just rolling out valentines this week. Now available on the Naughty Dog Shop is our brand new, super creepy-cute Clicker pinny! Yes, we’re continuing the ongoing series with Penny Arcade Pinny. You’ll hear more about this series later this year. For now you can buy a Clicker Pinny and pin your favorite person on the heart! (Just please be careful…)

Happy Valentine’s Day from Naughty Dog!