The Digital Spirits Project x Naughty Dog: Coming October 5, 2022
 October 3, 2022

The Digital Spirits Project x Naughty Dog: Coming October 5, 2022

Experience an emotional story

After two years of cross-continental collaboration, we’re thrilled to announce a special offering with The Digital Spirits Project. We’ve worked closely with their highly skilled and talented team to develop Moth & Wolf, a limited-edition Blended Scotch Whisky inspired by The Last of Us Part II. Much like our approach to game-making, we collectively pored over every detail. From the packaging to the whisky tasting notes, every contributor was dedicated to ensuring Moth & Wolf authentically represents the game that inspired it.

In our studio’s DNA, our games are connected by a mission to create impactful stories. With any partnership, we endeavor to impart that same spirit of storytelling and authenticity. Many of you have experienced an emotional journey playing The Last of Us Part II – the rumble of the controller, the beautiful sights, and the music and audio that make the world come together. Now, that experience has been masterfully translated into two senses that you can’t experience in modern games: taste and smell.

This project’s big question: how can this all-American story translate into Scotch whisky? Moth & Wolf is a special blend of 2013 vintage scotch whisky matured in American oak barrels. Eagle-eyed fans may note that 2013 is a pivotal year in the world of The Last of Us. It’s no coincidence that 2013 vintages were selected for the blend. Even the barrels’ American oak was specifically selected to hearken to the forests players navigated in The Last of Us Part II.

Additionally, we felt the game’s prominent theme of “Duality” would be powerful to translate into whisky. While duality is seen in myriad ways throughout The Last of Us Part II, the team was drawn to the contrast of two major locations in-game. From the homey comforts of Jackson, with sweet, smooth notes, to the characters’ struggles in overcast Seattle, with dark, smokey embers, the Blend Master went above and beyond to pair contrasting yet complementary flavors, creating a blend that’s as complex and layered as the story itself. To learn more about how The Last of Us Part II inspired the creation of Moth & Wolf, check out this video:

We aimed to make the packaging a special collectible for fans, even after they’ve enjoyed the last sip. The label features the Jackson fields against the Seattle skyline. The moth and wolf are powerful symbols in The Last of Us Part II, and we wanted to ensure that iconography was reflected not only in name but in the label’s compass itself.

“Having worked with Chivas Brothers for two years now, we are incredibly proud of Moth & Wolf,” says Naughty Dog’s Senior Designer of Brand, Marketing, and Product, Joshua Bradley. “They knew how much our game and world meant to us when we started, and to smell and taste the inspiration of that world turned into complex and bespoke flavors was something truly astounding. I have never quite experienced development of something this unique that stayed true to the material."

It’s truly surreal to “smell” and “taste” a story – and Moth & Wolf whisky wholly evokes the feeling of the story we captured in The Last of Us Part II. It’s been a privilege to have the passionate and talented team at Chivas Brothers and The Digital Spirits Project share their heritage and mastery of their craft with us. It has been an exciting journey developing Moth & Wolf, and we can’t wait to share this experience with The Last of Us fans across the United States.

For more information on Moth & Wolf, visit Must be 21+ to enjoy. Please drink responsibly.