Multiplayer Live Update - Uncharted 3
 January 19, 2012

Multiplayer Live Update - Uncharted 3

Live updates have been made to Uncharted 3 multiplayer. Continue reading for full details.

We are able to make running live updates to certain aspects of Uncharted 3 multiplayer and have made the follow tweaks active today. You should see your version number read as 1.03.019 now.

- The FAL-SS weapon power has been changed. It now takes five bullets to the body to kill an opponent. It previously took four bullets. It will still take three bullets to the head to take down an enemy using the FAL-SS.

- Death planes on certain maps have been changed so that map exploits are no longer functional. In other words, we’ve removed hidden tricks that were allowing players to hide and take out opponents without the possibility of return fire.

We will continue to monitor our play tests and your feedback and adjust what we can with the end goal of making your gameplay experience more enjoyable. Let us know your thoughts and we’ll keep you updated with news as any future changes roll out. See you online!