Outbreak Day: The Last of Us Remastered Photo Mode Winners
 September 26, 2014

Outbreak Day: The Last of Us Remastered Photo Mode Winners

We celebrate Outbreak Day by announcing the winners of The Last of Us Remastered Photo Mode Contest and other surprises.

Today, September 26, is noteworthy in the world of The Last of Us. It’s the day the Cordyceps outbreak officially became a pandemic. What better way to mark the occasion than by revealing the US winners of our Photo Mode contest?

We received thousands of amazing entries. It is humbling to view images captured from our game that are so visually arresting and utterly unique. Determining our top pick for each category was incredibly difficult but we narrowed it down to these stunning images:

Environmental - Winner: @vFIXXXERv

Action - Winner: @conz8000

Character - Winner: @Jd8531

Grand Prize - Winner: @stoicdies

We want to give props to so many more talented Photo Mode photographers. Here are some of our honorable mentions: @luiscarrion87, @MahmoudHamo1, @Harperion24, @KevinArtan, @NotIsrael, @adampseal

Congratulations to our four winners and a hearty handclap for everyone who wowed us. Winners will be contacted via direct message on Twitter in the next few days.

To keep things going we want to hear your best #NDMemories related to Outbreak Day. Use #OutbreakDay and/or #NDMemories and we’ll retweet some of our favorites throughout the day. Bonus points if you add a photo from Photo Mode to your post.

Finally, there’s a surprise we’d like to unveil today to mark Outbreak Day. It’s apropos to the outbreak’s end result and, in our real world context, it’s a part of something we’ve been hinting at for awhile now:

Pretty damn cool looking, right? For information on where, when, and how you can purchase one of these unique Clicker Statues just click here.