Player spawn point updates being rolled out
 March 18, 2010

Player spawn point updates being rolled out

We've started rolling updates to player spawn points on our multiplayer maps to alleviate circumstances where players were spawning too near or in critically advantageous/disadvantageous positions to their opponents.

Over the last few weeks we've heard about, and witnessed, an increase of players spawning too close to their opponents or in positions on the map which would place them or their opponents at a significant advantage and result in unfair kills. Of course the flip-side is that you would feel like many deaths were ill-gotten and too easy. We've been testing changes to the way players spawn after being killed in multiplayer to alleviate these occurrences. Throughout this week we've been rolling out updates -- three maps so far -- and we're testing changes to spawns on other maps daily. We will roll out additional updates to maps on an ongoing basis as soon as they're ready. What maps have been updated? We're not telling yet. We're not trying to keep you in the dark -- we want to get your thoughts on the spawns as they occur naturally as you play, rather than have all of you focus on some particular maps only. We're also likely to update some things on the fly for the time being. Let us know in the comments below how you're finding spawn positions and timing in your matches right now, and if you are running across any trouble spots with spawns.