REMINDER: The Lab – 3 vs 3 Plunder
 September 30, 2010

REMINDER: The Lab – 3 vs 3 Plunder

We’re kicking off the first of three episodes of “The Lab” in October with 3 vs 3 Plunder!

October is shaping up to be a great month – we’ve got the UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Game of the Year Edition coming out on October 12 (in North America), we were able to schedule three episodes of “The Lab” and we figured out what we wanted to do for the one-year anniversary of the release of UNCHARTED 2. We’re looking forward to every single one of those things! In case you’re new to “The Lab” weekends, “The Lab” is a special, limited-time playlist for UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves multiplayer that is active every other weekend. “The Lab” playlist features one or more custom-tuned gametype variations chosen by our game designers to test potential new settings, try out alternate gametypes in a real-world setting or just mix things up for the sake of variety. “The Lab” is open from Friday, October 1, at 10:00 AM PDT (what time is that in my city?) through Monday, October 4, at 10:00 AM PDT (what time is that in my city?). The first of three episodes of “The Lab” in October will be 3 vs 3 Plunder. We’ve already tried 2 vs 2 Deathmatch and 3 vs 3 Deathmatch variations, so we figured why not try it with an objective game where less players on each team start to draw out new and different strategies? The result is this weekend’s episode of “The Lab” – 3 vs 3 Plunder. All boosters are active, so I suggest at least one player in your party slot in Treasure Bearer instead of the Deposit I know most of you will be slotting. The lower number of overall players means there will likely be opportunities for someone to make a break for it with the treasure, especially since it will be much more difficult for a team of 3 to control the map and treasure capture or spawn points. Your team will still need to get 5 caps to win, providing you with a shot to hit the cash cap in every Plunder match during "The Lab." We’re looking forward to checking out how our Plunder community – and those of you who join us in “The Lab” every other weekend – all adapt new strategies to 3 vs 3 Plunder. The active maps for this weekend of “The Lab” are:

  • The Plaza
  • The Sanctuary
  • The Temple
  • The Train Wreck

We’ll be opening the 3 vs 3 Plunder discussion thread on the Naughty Dog community forums at about the same time “The Lab” starts this weekend. Be sure to leave your thoughts after you’ve had a chance to play a few rounds!