Spawn point update - April 19
 April 19, 2010

Spawn point update - April 19

We've recently released updates to player spawn points in all multiplayer game types except Plunder.

We've just released updates to UNCHARTED 2 player spawn points across ALL maps and in all multiplayer game types except Plunder. All Plunder game types -- in both the Plunder and Objectives playlists -- won't receive this update. We felt we still needed to do some work to improve the spawning in this mode since the way the games play out is pretty different to other game types. We needed some more time to focus and try to do the job right with Plunder, but didn't want to hold up the release of spawn point updates on all the other maps and game types. We've spent the last several weeks since the previous spawn updates working on and testing a comprehensive new spawning system that we hope will make a marked improvement in preventing unfair spawns -- or surprisingly opportunistic spawns, depending on which side you're on. We're eagerly waiting to see how the system works when thoroughly strained by real-world match conditions. Have at it for a bunch of games until you get a feel for what's changed. Then head over to the community forums and let us know how the update feels! UPDATE: In further discussion with one of MP game designers and the QA team -- I've learned that within Title Update 1.07 are some hooks that work with the spawn update that have shown a marked improvement in our testing. And that without TU1.07 we see only minor improvements. I may have jumped the gun a little on this one - sorry!