VGA 2009 Awards - Vote for UNCHARTED 2!
 November 20, 2009

VGA 2009 Awards - Vote for UNCHARTED 2!

SPIKE TV announced the nominees for the SPIKE 2009 VGA Awards and UNCHARTED 2 ends up on top with a record EIGHT nominations! We're candidates for Game of the Year and Studio of the Year, among other categories.

On November 19, SPIKE TV announced the first details of the SPIKE 2009 VGA Awards, along with a list of nominees in 28 categories. Reading over the nominees, it was awesome for us to see that UNCHARTED 2 picked up eight nominations, including helping us end up in the running for the Studio of the Year award:

  1. Game of the Year
  2. Studio of the Year (Naughty Dog)
  3. Best Graphics
  4. Best Action Adventure Game
  5. Best PS3 Game
  6. Best Original Score
  7. Best Voice (Claudia Black as Chloe Frazer)
  8. Best Voice (Nolan North as Nathan Drake)

If you haven't voted already, be sure to head over to the 2009 VGA Awards page and vote now. We'd be just thrilled if Naughty Dog and UNCHARTED 2 ended up as your picks for this year's awards!