Thanksgiving Event UPDATE
 November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving Event UPDATE

We’ve got some great news – next week during our Thanksgiving Event in UNCHARTED 2 multiplayer, we’ll be removing the per match cash cap PERMANENTLY! The Thanksgiving Event also starts one day than we reported in our November schedule for “The Lab” – Wednesday, November 24

Don’t like the cash cap? I know there’s a good segment of our community who doesn’t like it and doesn’t think it’s necessary. After carefully going through game data from our one-day Anniversary Event with a fine tooth comb, we agree – the cash cap appears that it’s not necessary! Starting with our Thanksgiving Event next week, we’ll be removing the per game cash cap on all matches PERMANENTLY. As in forever. We’re going to be keeping a close eye to make sure this isn’t going to bring a new round of exploits and abuses. We want this to be a reward to our loyal community who have requested and demanded for the removal of the cash cap and not open season for those players who exploit our game, making matches fun for everyone. Speaking of our Thanksgiving Event – we updated the start date on our November schedule to be one day earlier. The Thanksgiving Event will start on Wednesday, November 24. Stay tuned to the blog or our community forums for an update next week with full details on Plunder – Snipers Only.