“The Fort” exploit fixed and we’ve got more things on the way
 December 9, 2009

“The Fort” exploit fixed and we’ve got more things on the way

We just fixed a few known glitches on “The Fort” multiplayer map and we aren’t stopping there. We’re continually working on making our multiplayer experience increasingly fun and satisfying.

We just pushed a live update to everyone that fixed a few known glitches on the “The Fort” multiplayer map that we’ve monitored being exploited. That’s all for now, but we have been actively working on a bunch of things big and small to support our multiplayer fans. We wanted to take this opportunity to give you an idea of what is still to come. Just like what our update to “The Fort” today, we’ll be addressing exploitable glitches in other multiplayer maps in the very near future. After those go through, we will be keeping a very close eye on multiplayer games to see if any new exploits arise that need to be addressed. Speaking of “The Fort,” we’ve got more than that currently in our downloadable content pipeline. Many of us at the studio have been feverishly working on more DLC for multiplayer since UNCHARTED 2 went gold. You’ll be hearing more about our plans in the future. Our past two Double Cash weekends were great successes, however throughout both weekends you weren’t receiving the doubled cash amount for Medal awards we intended you to receive. That will be addressed so that the next Double Cash weekend everyone will be receiving the full extent of Double Cash. We may just do something special to make that weekend even sweeter! Of course, we’ll continue to have Double Cash weekends in the future, along with the special in-game events – like our recent Halloween and Thanksgiving events – and we’ll continue to explore other ideas to keep things fresh. We also wanted to thank everyone who played during our Experimental Weekend testing out multiplayer with lowered player health. We take your comments and feedback seriously, so if you haven’t told us what you think yet, be heard by voting on our front page poll and leaving a comment on our Experimental Weekend blog post. We appreciate all of it, positive and critical, so thanks!