The Lab <3’s Halloween
 October 29, 2010

The Lab <3’s Halloween

What happens when “The Lab” falls on Halloween weekend? Everybody wins as UNCHARTED 2 multiplayer gets a special Halloween-themed event with Halloween-themed skins and DOUBLE CASH!

We love holidays like Halloween! I’m sure you do too – because it almost always means we’ve got something more special than the same-old, same-old planned in UNCHARTED 2 multiplayer for such weekends. Don’t forget that there tend to be plenty of holidays towards the end of the calendar – and we’re heading into the last couple of months of 2010. As always, to recap: “The Lab” is a special, limited-time playlist for UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves multiplayer that is active every other weekend. “The Lab” playlist features one or more custom-tuned gametype variations chosen by our game designers to test potential new settings, try out alternate gametypes in a real-world setting or just mix things up for the sake of variety. “The Lab” is open from Friday, October 29, at 10:00 AM PDT (what time is that in my city?) through Monday, November 1, at 10:00 AM PDT (what time is that in my city?). The Halloween weekend episode of “The Lab” features 2 vs 2 Elimination. The suspense created by having only one life per round in Elimination fits a Halloween nicely, don’t you think? Because the teams are limited to 2 players each, we’ve lowered the number of rounds to 3 in each match. We’ve also disabled Boosters – to keep things on an even field with teams of this small size – and removed power weapons from all the active maps in “The Lab.” Of course, nothing says a Halloween event without a trick and a treat. The trick is we’re putting everyone in a Halloween appropriate “costume” for the entirety of this weekend – by having teams of only the Dead Explorer and Skelzor, just as we had during our Halloween event in 2009. The treat is that all weekend we’ll be awarding Double Cash and the cash cap has been raised to double its normal amount as well – to $150,000 for competitive multiplayer and $200,000 for cooperative multiplayer. The active maps for this weekend of “The Lab” are:

  • The Ice Cave
  • The Plaza
  • The Temple
  • The Train Wreck

We’ll be opening the 2 vs 2 Elimination discussion thread on the Naughty Dog community forums at about the same time “The Lab” starts this weekend. Be sure to leave your thoughts after you’ve had a chance to play a few rounds!