“The Lab” - March 2011 Schedule
 March 18, 2011

“The Lab” - March 2011 Schedule

We missed posting the March 2011 schedule for “The Lab” on time. Better late than never, right?

Hit the jump to check out the schedule for the remaining weekend in March (and check out info on the episode of “The Lab” you may have missed last weekend).

Okay, okay, so we missed posting the March 2011 schedule for “The Lab” earlier this month like we should have. We blame the dangerous proximity of GDC and PAX East for our delay. We hope you didn’t miss our tweet notifying you of our first “The Lab” weekend in March last week – if you missed the update, you may want to also follow our Twitter stream.

Along with the “The Lab” you have to look forward to next weekend, we’ve recapped the description and information for the first “The Lab” weekend in March in the schedule below.

If you’re new to “The Lab,” welcome! “The Lab” is a special playlist we will be running for a limited time on designated weekends, roughly every other weekend. You can access “The Lab” playlist within the set of playlists found in Matchmaking in UNCHARTED 2 multiplayer. During each weekend “The Lab” is active, we’ll be running a specialized playlist featuring one or more custom-tuned gametype variations from the tons of variables we can tweak in our multiplayer gameplay settings.

Your March 2011 schedule for “The Lab” is:

March 11 - 14
Deathmatch – No Boosters
There exists a certain popularity for playing matches with no Boosters enabled – there’s no denying some within our multiplayer community have a distinct dislike for Situational Awareness, Down the Irons, and other boosters. That’s cool – we don’t judge – and while there isn’t a permanent No Boosters gametype in our playlist rotation, we thought it would be nice to trot this gametype variation out for it’s day in the “The Lab.”

March 25 – 28
Snipers & Pistole
About a month ago we updated the All Competitive Modes playlist – to mix things up a little bit, we removed a few old standbys from the playlist rotation and added in a few gametype variations from “The Lab.” We brought back RPG – 7s Only as a standalone “The Lab” to get your specific impressions about that gametype variation. For this weekend of “The Lab,” we’re bringing back the other gametype variation that was removed – Snipers & Pistole. In your comments in our playlist update feedback forum thread, this gametype variation appears to be one of the fan favorites, so we’ve brought it back as a standalone episode of “The Lab.”

We’re in the process of evaluating the timing and content of our next playlist update – be sure to continue to leave your comments in the playlist feedback forum thread!

We’ll also be hosting a new thread for every event on the Naughty Dog community forums to get your feedback and thoughts on each one of our “The Lab” events.