The Last of Us Tabletop Game Announced with Themeborne
 November 1, 2022

The Last of Us Tabletop Game Announced with Themeborne

The Last of Us tabletop game is in the works from Escape the Dark creators

Prepare to endure and survive in a whole new way, because we here at Naughty Dog are thrilled to announce that The Last of Us is coming to the world of tabletop gaming courtesy of Themeborne in The Last of Us: Escape the Dark.

As tabletop gaming fans may already know, Themeborne’s Escape the Dark series values cooperative and easy-to-understand gameplay. Themeborne’s games include some seriously beautiful black-and-white illustrated chapter cards that players work to resolve together, overcoming challenges and creating new paths each time they play so no two games are quite alike.

Having previously published Escape the Dark Castle and Escape the Dark Sector, Themeborne’s award-winning work has included multiple expansions for their base games, as well as successful Kickstarter campaigns behind them.

To learn much more about this fascinating take on Joel and Ellie’s adventure, look forward to The Last of Us: Escape the Dark’s Kickstarter campaign, which will be live on November 8, and will offer fans not only a deeper look at the game but also the chance to get their hands on an exclusive collector’s edition of the game. We hope you’ll check it out and be as excited as we are about what the Themeborne team has in store.

With Themeborne’s penchant for bold art and approachable game design going into the development of The Last of Us: Escape the Dark, we can’t wait to see how they realize the world of The Last of Us in a brand-new way.