The Last of Us Day 2022
 September 26, 2022

The Last of Us Day 2022

Celebrating our annual community event with art, studio creations, and more

9 years of The Last of Us Day.

In 2013, our studio released a new game, The Last of Us. While we felt immense pride in what we accomplished, we could never imagine that nine years later we’d still see new and seasoned players experiencing this game and sharing their passion for Joel and Ellie’s stories. This year in particular we’re honored to celebrate the franchise with The Last of Us Part I on PlayStation 5, a faithful remake of the beloved original. It not only offers returning players a chance to play Joel and Ellie’s journey in a modernized way but also introduces an entirely new generation of gamers to that original story. With advanced visuals and an expanded suite of accessibility features, and more, we’ve been delighted to watch new fans discover the game and longtime fans re-immerse themselves in the story that started it all.

And so, we’re humbled to see this outpouring of excitement for the franchise grow and stay strong nearly a decade later. So many of you have shared how much the series has impacted you, and it’s such a privilege to know that The Last of Us continues to resonate with players worldwide.

The Last of Us Day is our way of celebrating the incredible The Last of Us community who bring so much positivity, kindness, and joy, not only to us at the studio but to each other. For 2022, we have some surprises that we’re thrilled to share!

GIF Drop

With every game release, our animators select some of their favorite GIFs and recreate them using characters and scenery from our games. When The Last of Us Part I released, they brought forward this project, and to say we were excited would be an understatement. The opportunity to laugh, pay homage to some of our favorite TV shows and movies, and collaborate with artists of different disciplines to make these GIFs has truly been a delight. Thank you to everyone who contributed your talent and sense of humor to create these! Our feeds will never be the same again.

This year, the team not only created a batch of GIFs special for the release of The Last of Us Part I; they also continued the fun for The Last of Us Day 2022! Check out the full The Last of Us Day 2022 drop on GIPHY!

You can also see the entire collection of The Last of Us Part I animator-crafted GIFs in our Reacts of Us Part I GIF Collection on GIPHY.


Artist David Blatt is an incredible community member that we’ve loved for years. Somehow, his art keeps getting better and better. We’ve had the privilege of working with David and seeing him leave his mark, illustrating the stunning key art for The Last of Us Part I. We’re forever fans of his work and thrilled to share a previously unreleased, black-and-white piece from his keyart set.

By the way, if David’s mom is reading this, know that we’re as proud of him as you are.

We love seeing his art, and we couldn’t resist the opportunity to share more. We’re excited to introduce a new mobile and desktop wallpaper featuring previously unreleased artwork from The Last of Us Part I.

Click the links below to select your wallpaper for your device of choice!


1080 x 1920

Android Galaxy

iPhone 8+

iPhone Pro Series


    1920 x 1080

    2560 x 1440

    3840 x 2160




        Photo Mode Community Album

        On Friday, September 23, we posted on our Twitter and Instagram about #TLOUPhotoMode, asking the virtual photography community to share their favorite shots from The Last of Us. A few incredible devs at the studio -- who are also major Photo Mode fans -- contributed their shots and tips & tricks as well! We received an incredible response, and you can check it out now on the Naughty Dog blog: The Last of Us Day #TLOUPhotoMode Collection.

        Thank you for sharing your incredible talent!

        We’re so humbled to celebrate The Last of Us community annually with #TLOUDay. To the edge of the universe and back – with all the gratitude and thanks to our incredible community – endure and survive.