The Last of Us Patch 1.11 and 1.06 - New MP Add-Ons
 December 9, 2014

The Last of Us Patch 1.11 and 1.06 - New MP Add-Ons

The Last of Us Patch 1.11 and 1.06 includes many fixes and new add-ons for multiplayer.

Patch 1.06 for The Last of Us Remastered and patch 1.11 for The Last of Us PS3 will be made available globally over the next 24 hours.

These updates include new DLC add-ons that are purchasable when the PS Store updates in your region.

Here’s a full rundown of both patches. Visit our forums and our feedback site to discuss your thoughts.

The Last of Us Remastered – PS4 Patch 1.06 Notes

Factions Multiplayer

New DLC Executions:

- Rifle (Semi-Auto, Burst Rifle, Full Auto, Variable Rifle, Scoped Semi Auto, Scoped Full Auto)

- Automatic Rifle (Assault Rifle, Specter)

- Sniper (Hunting Rifle, Military Sniper)

- Bow

- Revolver (Revolver, El Diablo)

- Pistol (9mm, Enforcer)

- Ground Shiv (unarmed, pistol)

- Stealth Shiv (from-behind and smoke-stunned shiv executions)

- Shotgun (Shotgun, Double Barrel, Tactical Shotgun)

New DLC Weapons:

- Tactical Shotgun

- Burst Pistol

- Short Rifle

- Crossbow

New DLC Survival Skills:

- Lone Wolf

- Second Chance

- Jack of All Trades

- Lucky Break

- Lethal Efficiency

New DLC Headgear:

- Viking Hat

- Plague Mask

- Smiley Mask

- Outlaw Mask

- Ski Goggles

- Broken Gas Mask

- Urban Camo Helmet

- Ballistic Helmet

New DLC Gestures:

- Dust Myself Off

- Evil Laugh

- Game Over

- Intimidation

- You're Done

- Combat Formation

- Stretch

- I'm Watching You


- Agility footsteps are now as almost completely silent, like they are on PS3

- Arrows now fly in the correct direction for players observing the firing player

- Impact sounds from arrows are now audible

- Fixed a bug where a player could not send invites

- Fixed a bug that was kicking players who late-joined a game of Survivors

- Shooting a downed player who is using Fortitude 2 now deals the proper amount of damage for all users

- Scavenger 1 now gives the proper amount of ammo to a Variable Rifle user

- Fixed a crash that can occur when spectating your teammates

- Fixed several locations where graphics would drop out on High School and Hometown

- Fixed location where spawning on a teammate could result in getting stuck inside geometry on University and High School

- Fix for Late-Joiners possibly receiving more parts than intended when late-joining a game

- Fix for center supply box on University not spawning a 2x4 when opening in Survivors

- Fixed an issue with players being dropped from the lobby while searching for a matchmaking game

- Fixed a bug for a player be awarded extra stats for defensive downs in Interrogation

- Fixed a bug for a player be awarded extra stats for downing an attacker in Interrogations

Balance Changes

Weapon Balance:

- Silenced 9mm now costs one loadout point (was two)

- Full Auto Rifle now has a silencer option for two additional loadout points

- Full Auto Rifle upgrades now costs 300 / 600 parts (was 400 / 800)

- Machete now costs two loadout points instead of three

- Machete now gets one additional durability when modded

Part rewards:

- Winning 4-0 in Survivors (Absolute Victory) now gives an additional 1500 parts

- Winning 4-1 in Survivors (Decisive Victory) now gives an additional 500 parts

- Executing an enemy who is on a streak now gives an additional 200 parts. Players are considered to be on a streak when they have a total of six combined downs + executions without dying (e.g. downing and executing 3 players).

- Players late-joining into a game with unbalanced teams will receive additional 200 late-join parts for every missing player on their team

Interrogation Spawning:

- Added logic to Interrogation spawning so players who are being spawn-camped around their lockbox should spawn further away from it

- Updated Interrogation spawn points to provide more spawning options for players defending their lockbox on the following maps: Checkpoint, Lakeside, Bill’s Town, University, High School, Downtown, The Dam, Bookstore, Hometown, Bus Depot, Suburbs

TDM / Interrogation Spawning:

Adjusted some TDM / Interrogation spawns on certain maps that were causing players to spawn too far from the action -

Bill's Town

- Removed spawns behind garage


- Removed spawns in back alley behind Theater building

High School

- Removed most remote spawns in locker rooms

- Removed most remote spawns in back of gymnasium

- Added spawns inside gym closer to front doors

- Removed most remote spawns in library

- Removed most remote spawns above auto shop


- Removed most remote spawns in administration buildings near upper start spawn

- Removed duplicate set of spawns in upstairs sniper perch room above fountain

- Removed most remote spawns in back of science building

- Removed spawns on second floor walkway in science building (behind windows)

Water Tower

- Water Tower item caches (uphill & downhill) have been move to safer locations

Cover additions:

- Added selective cover to certain map locations which needed additional protection or sightline blocking for balance.

- Checkpoint: low cover added to the ambulance outside the theater

- Lakeside: low cover added next to the shed by the boat facing the gazebo

- Lakeside: low cover added at the back of the building facing the supply box behind the general store

- University: low cover added in both hallways where supply boxes are located

- High School: low cover added behind the school bus facing the supply box outside next to the flagpole

- High School: folded tables next to hallway supply box had the gaps at the bottom covered up; same with the folded table near the library spawn

- Bill’s Town: truck at the bottom of the street had the open door and gaps below the truck blocked

Supply Box Adjustments:

- Adjusted supply box locations closest to each team spawn on Water Tower to provide more cover / defensibility

The Last of Us – PS3 Patch 1.11 Notes

Factions Multiplayer

All notes for PS4 Patch 1.06 apply but there are six DLC executions categories instead of nine.

New DLC Executions:

- Sniper (Hunting Rifle, Military Sniper)

- Bow

- Revolver (Revolver, El Diablo)

- Pistol (9mm, Enforcer)

- Stealth Shiv (from-behind and smoke-stunned shiv executions)

- Shotgun (Shotgun, Double Barrel, Tactical Shotgun)

Additional Fixes:

- Fix for Interrogation lockbox unlocking too quickly early in the match

- Fix for the Launcher not awarding Long Range downs

- Fixed a typo on the Emblem selection screen