The Naughty Dog Shop: Ellie’s Fall Hoodie and Limited Edition Art Book

Our Naughty Dog Shop is now open. Check out some of our product higlights like our Ellie's Fall Hoodie and The Art of Naughty Dog Limited Edition. 

November 7, 2014

In case you missed it, we launched the official Naughty Dog Shop last week! We’d been working on some fantastic product designs for launch and we are delighted they are now out there. We wanted to spotlight a couple of the more unique products we have available. First up: Ellie’s Fall Hoodie.


Modeled after Ellie’s in-game hoodie from the Fall section of The Last of Us, this hoodie, as you can see, is really cool looking yet simple. We’ve kept it logo free aside from our custom Naughty Dog tag so if you put this on it looks like you’re wearing a normal, colorful, Neapolitan ice cream themed hoodie. It’s super comfortable and perfect for the colder months ahead. Get some ice cream warmth now.

Also now on the shop is the limited edition The Art of Naughty Dog book:

The book is a treasure trove of art and insights from the thirty year history of the studio. It’s limited to less than one thousand copies on the Naughty Dog Shop so order today. It’s a great gift.

We’ll have more product highlights over the coming weeks. Be sure to check to into the official Naughty Dog Shop often for the latest. Use #NDShop to share your purchases with us!