Fortune Hunter Edition winners announced

The wait is over -- announces all the winners of the UNCHARTED2: Among Thieves Fortune Hunter Edition giveaways from the two recent contest weekends!

October 28, 2009

I know many people have been eagerly awaiting to see if they were one of the lucky winners a an UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Fortune Hunter Edition from the two weekend contests -- one during the demo and one in the first weekend after UNCHARTED 2 was released. The number of people playing over both weekends was pretty awesome and we're glad to be able to pick some winners from those huge lists of people who played. We'll, no more delaying... below is the list of winners, which you can also find on the Winners will be contacted via the e-mail address associated with their PlayStation Network account -- make sure you have e-mail notifications turned "on' in your PSN account settings! Official rules for both weekends can be found here and here. Congratulations from everybody at Naughty Dog! We hope you enjoy this awesome, super limited edition set -- take good care of them for us! aaww acezerotwo AngelOfDeath87 BabyJoker92 BalkanSephiroth benji1997 BLUHORNET buddahisdead bwylie ced72 CFH1177 chayo15 chippido11 CoreConspiracy davdoy ddogbaci21 decmarine DefJapan Dragon6991 Duke_Of_York dx400 ElReyDavid Eppink Freyborg_ Gabry08 gbrobertson gizmondo234 greg_c_g Grifone84 hayri491 IC0mbaTW0mbaTI ic3fir3PT inteliani jasonFRA jedi09 JJnewcastle KaLiLaObOiii707 kanon1987 kasekase kiebot Kill-_-59 kirua07 LA-George LEGEND410BMORE Lil_FreakShow- lilsandman12 LOGIC703 Lynaugh magica_bari MaInTeNaNcE_MaN MARKMURLO MiA-Prodigy MichaelZukk minato-303 Mrod_91 nameless_84 PaPiTo015 Pat-TGO PEPSI-COLA-1 pgaville prausnitz Rochemback rockhead16 scarface662 seblou001 ServinGod Shisaku13 Shnuggles66 ShOrTjOhNcHuTnEy silva_777 smd-Loco Snake-VII Soobdog70400 Speshol SQUURELLKILLER steve63 studder1ze stupac420 TAIGUO777 TheFakeSmile theringer1257 tieffahrer90 togusa-san Tonnous24 TRI_moon UCanNotUseThisID vasilia vernon84 Walkiria85 WarkV2 webslinger26 weps windgarden xvboogievx XxDarkShinobixX