UNCHARTED 2 matchmaking playlist update - Oct 14, 2009
 October 15, 2009

UNCHARTED 2 matchmaking playlist update - Oct 14, 2009

We made a playlist update to the UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves multiplayer matchmaking today. Details after the jump.

Hope you are all having fun playing UNCHARTED 2! We are constantly evaluating our multiplayer and plan updating it on a regular basis. Earlier today, we updated our multiplayer matchmaking playlists. Justin, our multiplayer designer, passed along the following update notes to us. New playlists have been added, and the Deathmatch playlist has been modified. Below is the full list of playlist selections in multiplayer matchmaking:

  • Deathmatch: Now contains ONLY straight Deathmatch matches (no variations)
  • Elimination: Elimination matches only
  • Objectives: All Objective based game types
  • Ranked: Objective and Deathmatch game types, Skill Level tracked
  • All Competitive Modes: Every Competative and Obective game type, including Deathmatch variations
  • Co-op Objective: You and your friends take the world
  • Co-op Arena: Survive the onslaught!