UNCHARTED 2 Title Update 1.04 – Jan 27, 2010
 January 27, 2010

UNCHARTED 2 Title Update 1.04 – Jan 27, 2010

The next time you connect online with UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves you will be prompted for a Title Update.

The next time you connect online with UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves you will be prompted for a Title Update. Title Update 1.04 makes the following change:

  • Allows players affected by "error syncing player data" issue to connect again to multiplayer

While the Title Update 1.04 changelist isn't copious, the update does address something we've been monitoring and looking into for a little while now. Late last year, we spotted a small percentage of our player base receiving the "error syncing player data" message, which was preventing those players from connecting to UNCHARTED 2 multiplayer from that moment forward. As soon as we spotted this, we started looking into the issue, replicating it locally, and investigating possible solutions so that everyone who wanted to participate in our multiplayer modes would be able to do so. It's been in the works a little longer than anticipated, but a solution to the "error syncing player data" issue has finally arrived with this Title Update. There is, however, one important detail -- addressing this issue has required us to roll back only the affected accounts to Level 1. Just to be clear, this is going to happen ONLY to the accounts who couldn't connect because of the "error syncing player data" message. Everyone else who has been able to connect and play normally will be entirely unaffected. This was not an easy decision for us to make. Over time it became clear to us that there was absolutely no other option remaining to eliminate this issue for all affected -- and ensure it doesn't happen again. Our team at Naughty Dog was tireless in looking for a solution over the last few months -- we took a look at every possible way to address this, using every possible approach we could think of, and even ones we didn't think of initially. At the conclusion of our efforts, we were left with the solution implemented in Title Update 1.04 -- which forced us to roll back affected accounts to Level 1 to clear up the "error syncing player data" issue. We understand that some players affected by this issue may find the solution in Title Update 1.04 less than ideal and we completely understand how you feel. If there was an alternative that didn't require rolling back the affected accounts, we would have implemented that in a second. We hope that those of you that weren't able connect until today's Title Update will consider joining us again in multiplayer despite the Level roll back -- we look forward to playing with and against you online! UPDATE There were a few questions that came up that we wanted to include in this post. Will this prevent "error syncing player data" in the future? Yes, we've taken steps to prevent this error from coming up again. We cannot account for every circumstance, but we're confident no players will see this issue arise in the future. Please let us know here if you believe you have been affected by a new "error syncing player data" issue after you have installed Title Update 1.04 I'm getting "error syncing models" and can't play multiplayer! The "error syncing models" is a wholly different issue and can be cleared up easily by doing the following:

  • On the PS3 XMB bar, click right until you reach the "Game" icon
  • Click up until you reach the "Game Data Utility" icon and hit X to enter the utility
  • Using "triangle" delete ONLY the Uncharted 2 data and ONLY within the "Game Data Utility"
  • Restart Uncharted 2, allow it to install all the Title Updates, enter Multiplayer and you will go through a longer than normal "Syncing live data" process

You should be all set after that! NOTE: Do not delete your saved games in the "Saved Data Utility"!