Uncharted 3: 3 v 3 Team Objective Lab Map
 January 16, 2013

Uncharted 3: 3 v 3 Team Objective Lab Map

Happy Tuesday! We have a brand new Lab today. It's a 3 versus 3 team objective game type.

Happy Tuesday! Today we have a new, fun, small teams Lab for you. It’s a 3 versus 3 Team Objective game type. Grab your closest multiplayer buddies and take on everyone. The Lab is live now and will run for one week.

We’ve made some tweaks to the Free-for-All mode so that starting spawns and power weapon spawns in the Sanctuary, Cave, Fort, and Lost City maps are slightly different. This balances the gameplay for those maps a bit more evenly.

For just two more weeks our festive holiday items are available as Tournament rewards. Drop a ticket into the weekly Tournament and rack up those points to win Present Head Nathan Drake, the custom character shirt of Naughty Dog Co-President Christophe Balestra as an elf and the other in-game holiday items today!

Just a couple more days then we’ll be setting free some major Uncharted 3 news. Keep checking back to the blog for the latest! Our Lab calendar has changed. Visit your Uncharted 3 stats page to preview all upcoming Labs and future multiplayer events as it will continually be updated. See you online!