Uncharted 3: Ancient Themed DLC Arrives
 June 18, 2013

Uncharted 3: Ancient Themed DLC Arrives

Ancient Themed DLC brings our themed UNCHARTED 3 DLC to a close. More news about the game in the coming months.

It’s nearly the summer solstice and we’re going to bring the cycle to a close on a happy, historical note. Our final themed DLC drop includes items for our Ancient theme. These will be available via the in-game store or the PlayStation®Store over the coming week globally! Purchase the Ancient theme bundle to get the exclusive Egyptian Mask for Chloe.

We will be cycling tournament prizes as the year rolls along but now the Ancient theme Tournament rewards can be earned. On the Bronze and Silver tiers, you can earn the Circuit Gun and Circuit Shirt as Tournament rewards. If you reach the gold tier you can unlock the cool looking Sully Tengu mask. The Raptor Mask for Drake and Dive Helmet for Talbot are achieved by reaching Platinum status. Buy tickets to enter into the weekly Tournament and earn access to those items to show off your multiplayer skills.

Check out UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Free-to-Play FAQ for answers to your questions about UNCHARTED 3 Multiplayer Free-to-Play.

We look forward to playing with you more online in the coming months. No promises but we’re going to regroup and see what else might be possible to add to the multiplayer as well.

See you online!