Uncharted 3 - Block Mesh Lab Map 12 and Tournament Prizes Update
 September 24, 2013

Uncharted 3 - Block Mesh Lab Map 12 and Tournament Prizes Update

A brand new Block Mesh Lab Map arrives today! Tournament prizes will be updated the following week.

Happy Tuesday! We’re pushing a brand new Block Mesh Lab map today. It’s a fresh Block Mesh Lab Map by Naughty Dog game designer Junki Saita (@dirt_herder). The map has a central courtyard and lots of good corridors for sneak attacks to take place. Junki’s map will be added to the Lab playlist alongside our other Block Mesh Lab Maps in the Custom Games option. Block Mesh Lab Maps will rotate in and out through the four available slots we have for them in Custom Games as the year progresses.

This will be your final week to earn the Tournament rewards of Skello Gun and Drake Revolution Shirt on the bronze and silver tiers, and the rare Drake Bronze Mask on gold tier. If you want your favorite character to wear any of these items next week use your tickets to enter into the weekly Tournament before the next update. Starting October 1 we’ll update the Tournament prizes to Snake Eyes gun, Mr Croc Shirt, and Cutter Guard Hat for the bronze, silver, and gold tiers respectively.

Joined in the Naughty Paws or any other community event yet? Be sure to sign up and participate today. You’ll likely see some Dogs online in these events. Stay active on our forums and keep guessing about what you believe our Uncharted 3 anniversary plans are. Some of you have been pretty spot on and we like to hear what you think!

Our themed DLC is available now. You can find all of it via the in-game store or on PSN. Get a Horse Head or T-Rex Head today; it’ll make you happy. Or giggly. Works every time for me.

The Lab calendar is your resource for what’s in store for Uncharted 3 multiplayer. Check it out today. See you online!