Uncharted 3 Lab Update: Block Mesh Lab Map 7
 December 5, 2012

Uncharted 3 Lab Update: Block Mesh Lab Map 7

Happy Tuesday! We have a brand new block mesh lab map live and some tweaks to your Uncharted 3 custom game options available.

Happy Tuesday! Today’s lab is a special lab by our senior multiplayer lead tester, Trevor Stevens (@Rekliss). It’s a densely packed map with a ton of color, vantage points and high perches. Be on your toes and keep a steady aim. Trevor would love to hear your feedback on the map so tweet at him and let him know what you think. It'll be live by the time you read this blog.

Based on the cool combinations we’ve found lately we’ve added new weapon sets for the custom game settings. These include:

G-MAL and Raffica Only

Dragon Sniper and Tau Only

M9 and Para 9 Only

KAL-7 and Arm Micro Only

FAL-SS and Para 9 Only

Fire up a custom match with any of these settings after the live update happens today. These settings will be available once the Lab has been deployed.

If you haven’t played in the Tournament yet what are you waiting for?! You’ll earn some rare prizes. Read our Tournament FAQ and the in-game menu Tournament section for full details on how to achieve the prizes. As always, visit the calendar on your Uncharted 3 stats page for upcoming labs and multiplayer events. See you online!