Uncharted 3 Lab Update- New Block Mesh Map and Lab Calendar Rollout
 September 18, 2012

Uncharted 3 Lab Update- New Block Mesh Map and Lab Calendar Rollout

New block mesh map and the lab calendar for the next few months is now available over on your Uncharted 3 stats page. Plus a special giveaway.

Patch 1.15 is on its way and we’ve been adding more and more and more and more items of DLC to Uncharted 3. We’ll be continually supporting the multiplayer in various other ways as time goes along. The Lab is a huge part of that and today we’re rolling out the first of Lead Multiplayer Designer Robert Cogburn’s (@RobertCogburn) block mesh map creations. Check out the image above to get a taste of its close quarters and its overall layout.

We know the Labs offer up some pretty unique and exciting ways to play so we wanted to give you a heads up on what we’re expecting to have going for the Lab for the next year or so and beyond. We’ve updated the calendar section on your multiplayer profile page to reflect that. If you look at the calendar now you’ll see September 2012:

until August 2013:

The calendar may be updated, revised and retooled over time by usis now filled out with our upcoming lab schedule. These aren’t all the labs we have planned but this calendar is a good snapshot of what you’ll see moving forward for the Uncharted 3 Labs. This is a living document and the calendar may be updated, revised and retooled over time by us. We want to hear from you as well. If there’s a lab you’re clamoring to see return or maybe a fresh idea that might be cool post up on the forums and maybe it could happen someday.

We have a megaton more in store for your Uncharted 3 multiplayer experience. These next few months are going to see some exciting new additions and changes to the current multiplayer. We’re stoked to get it out there and eager to hear what you will have to say about it. Get ready for some big news. See you online!

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To celebrate the launching of the calendar and your reading skills here are some first come, first serve PAX codes! Randomly posted, randomly win. These codes only work in the USA. Don’t be mean and greedy and nab more than one. To help that I’ve added some more, er, code to the codes.


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