Uncharted 3 Lab Update: Plunder RPGs and Mag-5 Only
 November 27, 2012

Uncharted 3 Lab Update: Plunder RPGs and Mag-5 Only

Happy Tuesday! We have a new Plunder game type Lab coming today and some additions to your custom game options.

Happy Tuesday! We have a fun, new Lab for you this week. Get ready from some heavy firepower as you chase the idol in a Plunder game type Lab featuring RPGs or Mag-5 weapons only. The Lab will be available today before 630pm PST. Load up the Lab playlist and fire away!

Based on the popularity of past Labs we’ve added some new weapon sets for the custom game settings. These include:

Shotgun & Mag-5 Only

Hammer & Pistole Only

Riot Shield, Pistols, and Megabombs Only

Rockets & Mag-5 Only

Try a custom match with any of these settings after the live update happens today. These settings will be available once the Lab has been deployed.

We’ve rolled out some new Tournament prizes in this week’s update as well. The popular Fireball weapons and a handful of very cool Shade torso and head items can be won. Enter the Tournament today to earn these rare prizes. Check out the Tournament FAQ or the Tournament section of the in-game menu for full details on how to achieve these. As always, visit the calendar on your Uncharted 3 stats page for upcoming labs and multiplayer events. See you online!

UPDATE: The DLC map pack priority has been switched so that Flashback Map Pack 2 is the priority. We'll be rotating the DLC prority from time-to-time. For a chart on how this works check out this breakdown of the different possible priorities.