Uncharted 3: Sawed-Off Shotgun/Uzi Cluster Bomb 2v2v2 Lab Update
 February 5, 2013

Uncharted 3: Sawed-Off Shotgun/Uzi Cluster Bomb 2v2v2 Lab Update

Happy Tuesday! Get ready for a small team, heavy firepower Lab this week. Big news about Uncharted 3 multiplayer coming this month.

Happy Tuesday! The Lab this week packs some heavy firepower. Boot up the Lab playlist for some Sawed-Off Shotgun/Uzi, Cluster Bomb 2v2v2 action. Small teams mean you’ll have to communicate intelligently. The Lab will be available before 630pm PST today. Stay alert and be ready for the barrage!

We changed up the Tournament rewards this week. Golden guns and special Shade items will be available. Enter into the weekly Tournament and try to win these cool items before they disappear from the prize rotation.

We mentioned we have some Big Uncharted 3 Multiplayer news and it’s coming…by the end of the month. The delay is due to some further optimizations needed for the patch. Be sure to check back here on the Naughty Dog blog for the complete story and all the details.

As always, the Lab calendar will be forever changing so visit your Uncharted 3 stats page to preview all upcoming Labs and future multiplayer events. See you online!