Vote for UNCHARTED 2 in the Golden Joystick Awards!
 September 20, 2010

Vote for UNCHARTED 2 in the Golden Joystick Awards!

Voting for the short list of games in the 28th Annual Golden Joystick Awards is open. Go vote for your favorite games NOW – and it would be just swell if you voted for UNCHARTED 2!

Somehow it slipped by me that voting for this year’s Golden Joystick Awards opened back in June. We have to make up for some lost time now – and do what we can to help the awards organizers try to reach their goal of 1.5 million votes by the end of the voting period. In case you’ve never heard about them, the Golden Joystick Awards are hosted by Future Publishing in the UK – where they cover videogames in EDGE Magazine and GamesRadar, among other publications. The event runs every year and all the winners are chosen from votes cast by YOU – fans of all kinds of videogames. Of course, the reason I’m writing this post is that UNCHARTED 2 is among the shortlist of nominees in a few categories and we want your help to come out on top! Head over to the Golden Joystick Awards voting page and vote for your choice for the best videogames in each of the categories. As you vote in each of the categories represented, please consider voting for UNCHARTED 2 in the categories we are nominated in:

  • Action Game of the Year
  • Soundtrack of the Year
  • Ultimate Game of the Year

Vote now as voting for the Golden Joystick Awards closes just about a month away on October 25, 2010!