We’re listening…
 February 23, 2010

We’re listening…

The adjustments in Title Update 1.05 have been live in the multiplayer modes now for a week and we've been following what you've been saying very closely.

It’s been a week since we released Title Update 1.05 to our multiplayer community. Without a doubt, this has been our most talked about update to multiplayer to date and for good reason – there were a lot of additions and adjustments we made and not all of them were received well by everyone. This is something we’ve seen from your comments on our blog, on Facebook, in various forums, and via Twitter. Our game designers have been discussing some further adjustments to what we introduced with Title Update 1.05; some of those we’ve been trying out during our daily playtesting sessions. We don’t have anything we can share yet, however we’ll be forthcoming as to the “what” and “when” regarding any future adjustments so you know what to expect. We value our multiplayer community and your feedback quite a bit. As Richard mentioned during his session at the D.I.C.E. Summit last week, collaboration and iteration is an integral part of our development process. Including the voice of our community as part of this process is important to us as we continue supporting the multiplayer modes to UNCHARTED 2. We’re listening.