UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves

“It is a testament to the extraordinary talent at Naughty Dog...” - Tom Hoggins, The Telegraph


Nathan Drake

Rumored to be the descendant of Sir Francis Drake, the great 16th-century explorer and privateer, Nathan Drake is a modern-day fortune-hunter who operates in the rough, lawless world of treasure-seekers, antiquities smugglers, con men and thieves. While he shares the same taste for adventure as both his professional associates and his supposed ancestor, Nate is driven by more than the promise of the treasure itself. Regardless of his lineage, Drake is gifted with a remarkable historical imagination and an uncanny ability to unravel mysteries from only the barest clues. He really lives for the historical intrigue that his adventures bring, and for the thrill of the hunt.

Although he's smart and self-educated, Drake tends to hide his intellectual side when dealing with the rogues gallery of dangerous individuals who haunt the gray-market underworld of the illegal antiquities trade. In his dubious line of work, Drake finds himself confronting everything from guerillas to drug traffickers, modern-day pirates, rival salvage companies, and frequently the law — so he's had to learn how to handle himself in tight situations, whether it means guns, fists, charm, or the occasional hasty exit. In the end, Drake survives by his wits, tenacity and resourcefulness — and a dash of good old-fashioned luck.

When we first met Nate in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune he was on the trail of the legendary treasure of El Dorado — a trail that led to a mysterious island and a forgotten Spanish colony harboring an unimaginable secret. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves rejoins him a couple of years later, back in his natural setting of shady characters and dubious operations, and following the long-cold trail of the 13th century traveler Marco Polo. Alongside new companions and old friends, his search for Marco Polo's lost fleet and the secrets that it holds will lead him to an adventure as great — and as dangerous — as Nate has ever seen.

Victory "Sully" Sullivan

A consummate con man in a world of con men, Victor Sullivan — or Sully, as he's known to his friends — is Drake's partner, mentor and the closest thing he's got to a father figure. He's a seasoned adventurer, explorer and treasure hunter, and knows just about everyone connected to the illicit antiquities trade.

Garrulous and charming, Sully likes the good life, which has got him into big trouble and deep debt on more than one occasion. When he needed to make a fast buck to pay off some angry loan sharks, Sullivan was quick to join Nate on his expedition to find the legendary treasure of El Dorado — an expedition which didn't exactly finish as they'd planned.

There's a lot that Drake likes and admires about Sullivan, which makes them good partners — although Nate will probably never get used to the stink of that god-awful cigar...

Elena Fisher

In the couple of years since she was Drake's companion in adventure, accompanying him through the twists and turns of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Elena has graduated from tabloid reporter to a legitimate investigative journalist, and now tracks stories in some of the most dangerous and war-torn corners of the world.

Her relationship with Nate is, in a word, complicated. The bond that grew between them as they searched for the treasure of El Dorado led them to become more than just friends — but for one reason or another, it didn't work out.

She's as stubborn and tenacious as Drake is, and determined to such a degree that it is both her greatest virtue and her greatest fault. While some might see her as idealistic or naïve, she is realistic about what people are capable of, but still chooses to believe in them when others might have given up.

Chloe Frazer

An Australian native, Chloe Frazer is as tough and capable as she is beautiful. She's known throughout Drake's world as a gifted and adaptable treasure hunter with a long list of impressive accomplishments to her name. Equally comfortable in a gunfight or a fistfight — whatever the occasion demands — she's in hot demand for jobs that lesser fortune hunters would turn down flat.

Although Flynn doesn't realize it, Drake and Chloe go way back, and Nate is surprised — and a little bit delighted — to see her when they're introduced to one another. Witty and practical, she makes a great addition to any team, although her moral compass has a tendency to spin, and her reckless nature can sometimes make her unpredictable.

Chloe obviously values her friends — but she also has a strong sense of self-preservation and self-interest. It's not always clear to those around her which of side of her character will win out, when push comes to shove...

Harry Flynn

An experienced treasure hunter for hire, Harry Flynn is an Englishman abroad who isn't afraid to employ the occasional dirty tactic. A longtime friend and associate of Drake's, Flynn operates within the same shady underworld of fortune hunters, smugglers and thieves that Drake inhabits.

Though he's a charming rogue, Flynn is far more unscrupulous than Drake, and will take just about any job if the profit's good — regardless of the moral or legal implications. This makes him particularly popular with a certain class of clients.

Our adventure finds Flynn offering Nate a job that he knows he won't accept, unless the reward is big enough. That job turns out to be the catalyst for an adventure bigger than either Flynn or Drake had reckoned on...


Jeff is an easy-going video journalist, who has accompanied Elena to Nepal as her cameraman. He isn't as comfortable in a theater of war as his gutsy partner, but he's professional enough not to let it show. Even if he isn't the life and soul of the party, he's a decent guy, and someone that Elena knows she can count on.

Karl Schäfer

The sole survivor of a failed expedition to the Himalayas in 1938, Schäfer has been living among the locals of a remote Tibetan village for seventy years. As a fellow explorer and student of history, Schäfer is able to provide critical information and guidance at a time when Drake needs it most.


A leader in his remote Tibetan village, and father to his only daughter Pema, Tenzin meets Drake when he's part of the way through his perilous search for the Cintamani Stone. Their partnership is made awkward by the language barrier — Tenzin speaks only Tibetan, and Drake only English — forcing them to communicate largely through gesture. Despite this obstacle, Tenzin is destined to become one of Drake's most trusted allies.

Zoran Lazarevic

Merciless, obsessive, and power hungry — that is Zoran Lazarević. A rogue paramilitary leader and fugitive war criminal, notorious for committing unspeakable massacres and atrocities, his name strikes terror into the hearts of mercenaries and petty warlords around the world.

Believed by NATO to have been killed in a bombing raid, Lazarević survived, though he bears the scars of the attack.

Lazarević now operates from the shadows as the leader of a secret terrorist society. Ice-cold and relentlessly ambitious, he sees people as mere pawns to be manipulated and sacrificed as his will dictates.

In person, Lazarević is an imposing figure with a ruthless intensity and a dark magnetism that's both terrifying and hypnotic. Those that cross his path usually either remain at his side as his servants, or leave the world suddenly and violently.

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