“Drake’s Fortune Multiplayer Pack” available TODAY
 February 26, 2010

“Drake’s Fortune Multiplayer Pack” available TODAY

Kick it old school with the UNCHARTED 2 “Drake’s Fortune Multiplayer Pack” – six skins and two maps from UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune are available today from your PlayStation Network Store. Oh, and there are new Trophies, too!

Our latest downloadable content for UNCHARTED 2 – the “Drake’s Fortune Multiplayer Pack” – is now available on our local PlayStation Network Store for purchase. The PlayStation.Blog post we put up today has full details on what’s included and pricing for the United States PSN Store. They also posted a few high-resolution character renders that we’ve got in a convenient set for you to view or download on our Flickr page. The “Drake’s Fortune Multiplayer Pack” bundle includes the six new character skins for competitive multiplayer and two new maps, all based on characters and environments from UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune, at the awesome price of $5.99. You’ll notice this bundle saves you some cash over purchasing everything separately. The six character skins are: UDF Drake, UDF Elena, Gabriel Roman, Atoq Navarro, Eddy Raja and Javier – who was the mercenary chopper pilot. The skins are also available separately for $2.99. We’re really excited about the two maps, which have been recreated as multiplayer and cooperative arenas entirely within the Naughty Dog Engine 2.0 with all the graphical upgrades and benefits that come with it. We’ve got a bunch of nice screenshots of the two maps – “The Flooded Ruins” and “The Facility” – in a set on our Flickr page. That way you can check out what they look like and even work out some strategies before committing the purchase. The maps are also available separately for $3.99. Downloading either the maps or the full bundle also unlocks 12 new Trophies – all of which are tied to playing multiplayer and cooperative matches. Of these, 11 are Bronze Trophies and we’ve included 1 Silver Trophy. NOTE: Downloading the skins-only content will NOT unlock the Trophies. Even though there is an in-game prompt to have you set your matchmaking preferences, head over to our post about how we’ve incorporated the new maps into matchmaking for a quick rundown on how it works. And now we leave you with the trailer we made to announce the “Drake’s Fortune Multiplayer Pack” content. Oh, and if you haven’t noticed – "The Flooded Ruins" has rain, thunder and lightning. That’s right.