Today’s Title Update, er, DLC announcement
 February 12, 2010

Today’s Title Update, er, DLC announcement

For Day Three of our spotlight on Title Update 1.05 -- wait, IGN has something more important that we're announcing today.

Normally, we'd shed some more light on Title Update 1.05, but what we would be revealing is covered in today's exclusive reveal by IGN about our upcoming Drake's Fortune Multiplayer Pack DLC releases. Head over there to read about new maps, new skins, new Trophies and new Medals. I bet now the blurry portion from yesterday's multiplayer menu screenshots now make sense! Hint: it's the Trophy menu item. All 13 of the new Medals will be added for everyone when Title Update 1.05 is released on Monday, February 15, 2010. Have a great holiday weekend for many of you around the world! As a bonus, we've embedded from IGN the Drake's Fortune Multiplayer Pack trailer we made expressly for this announcement.