Flashback Map Pack 2 Update
 February 24, 2012

Flashback Map Pack 2 Update

Flashback Map Pack 2 is now available in its final state on the EU PS Store. EU Players must re-download this DLC. Read on for details for all players.

There have been many forums posts and comments about Flashback Map Pack 2 and certain glitches that had been found while playing. The reason you saw those bugs is that the version that was posted on February 22nd on the European PS Store was an earlier version of the map pack that wasn’t final. For this reason we requested the content be taken down from the EU store temporarily. It was removed and replaced today.

This is important - EU PLAYERS – The correct and final version of Flashback Map Pack 2 is live. You will need to re-download it from your PS Store. You can do this by viewing recent purchases via the Download List (top right hand corner of your PS Store) and then selecting the Flashback Map Pack 2 content for download.

The version of the Flashback Map Pack 2 that went live in all other regions outside of the EU is the final version. Those regions will not be required to re-download. They will only be subject to the following changes.

During the time the earlier version of the DLC was live we didn’t take any maps out of the matchmaking rotation for any region. We did what was possible to fix the more glaring exploits. These fixes will remain in place until patch 1.07, which will be available shortly after patch 1.06 is released. Patch 1.06 is slated to be released in 1 to 2 weeks. Patch 1.07 will come after that.

If you haven’t seen it already, here’s a list of the changes that had been made to the Plaza map globally. Again, these will remain in place until patch 1.07 releases.

For Competitive Modes (on Plaza)

  • Added a stack of cars to prevent players from accessing an alleyway in Plaza that will drop players out of the level geometry

For Co-op Arena and Hunter Arena modes (on Plaza)

  • Added a death region to the affected area, which will instantly kill a player if they travel into it.

  • Removed Plaza from the Hunter Matchmaking playlist

We will keep these changes in place until patch 1.07, as it will require all owners of the Flashback Map Pack 2 who have the incorrect version to re-download it. If you have the correct version of Flashback Map Pack 2, you will not need to re-download anything when patch 1.07 hits.

As always please continue to let us know what you see as you are playing via the forums, here, or through our other communication channels. Thank you for your patience and understanding. See you online!