GDC 2011 - Day One
 March 2, 2011

GDC 2011 - Day One

GDC 2011 is just getting underway today. If you're attending the conference, you should drop by Naughty Dog Game Designer Richard Lemarchand's panel - GDC Microtalks 2011: One Hour, Ten Speakers, Hundreds of Fun New Ideas. It's sure to be interestiing and entertaining!

We're just kicking off the first day of the main conference sessions here at GDC 2011. There's plenty of sessions during each time slot that promise to be interesting, compelling, educational or entertaining. I know it's been difficult for me to narrow down some of the sessions I've wanted to attend!

Of course, one of Naughty Dog's own, Richard Lemarchand, is running a panel today that I've always enjoyed - and it's in it's third straight year at GDC! Titled GDC Microtalks 2011: One Hour, Ten Speakers, Hundreds of Fun New Ideas, the panel collects a diverse group of industry notables and gives them a highly constrained forum to discuss their thoughts on this years theme. I've copied the full session description below, so check it out for more details and I hope that some of you will attend!

The full list of sessions, along with dates, times, locations and descriptions, is reproduced below. Visit our Facebook events page or the GDC Schedule builder if you want to add these sessions to your calendar, export them or print them out.

Keep checking back on the GDC11 tag to stay up to date with the sessions and our goings on throughout GDC.

GDC Microtalks 2011: One Hour, Ten Speakers, Hundreds of Fun New Ideas
Wednesday, March 2, 2011
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Room 3014, West Hall 3rd Floor

Jamin Brophy-Warren (Kill Screen Magazine), Jason Rohrer (Independent), Colleen Macklin (Parsons the New School for Design), Naomi Clark (Fresh Planet), Brandon Boyer (Independent Games Festival), David Jaffe (Eat Sleep Play), Michael John (Electronic Arts), Richard Lemarchand (Naughty Dog), Brenda Brathwaite (Lolapps) and Asi Burak (Games for Change)

The fast-moving talk format with fans all around the world returns to GDC for another hour of lightning-fast lectures, visual punch and innovative ideas. The concept is simple: MC Richard Lemarchand invites nine experts from different game design-related fields to give a short talk on a subject related to this years theme, 'Say How You Play' - a discussion of new contexts for play and games. Each speaker gets 20 slides, each of which will be displayed for exactly 16 seconds before automatically advancing, giving the speaker five minutes and 20 seconds to deliver their fresh game design perspectives.

My thoughts
I highly recommend one of my personal favorite GDC sessions – and, now in its third straight year on the schedule, fast becoming a GDC institution. In my opinion all the speakers are amazing and will no doubt entertain – I’m personally curious to see how much content David Jaffe will try to cram into his 20 slides and 5 minute 20 second time allotment.