Naughty Dog and UNCHARTED 2 win big at E3 2009
 June 24, 2009

Naughty Dog and UNCHARTED 2 win big at E3 2009

Naughty Dog won the first E3 awards we've ever received at E3 2009! We picked up over 20 awards in various categories, including some of the most coveted awards, such as Best of Show from the Game Critics Awards, 1UP and G4.

All I can say is “wow.” Coming off a full week at E3 where we collectively felt that we nailed all our demos and interviews, comes the news that the gaming press also thought highly of our E3 showing! We were absolutely stoked to hear that we won three of the prestigious Game Critics Awards, more than any other single game at E3 2009: "Best of Show" "Best Console Game" "Best Action/Adventure Game" In addition to the Games Critics Awards, UNCHARTED 2 also picked up the following awards: GameSpot "Best Graphics" "Best PS3 Game" GameTrailers "Best Graphics" "Best Third Person Shooter" 1UP "Best Of Show" "Best PS3 Game" Crispy Gamer "Best PS3 Game" IGN "PS3 Game of Show" "Best PS3 Action Game" "Best Graphics Technology" "Best PS3 Multiplayer Experience" G4 Tech TV "X-Play's Game of Show" "Best PS3 Game" GamePro "Best of E3" GameSpy "PS3 Game of Show" Platform Nation "Game of Show" "Best Console Game" "Best Action/Adventure Game" Yahoo! Games "Best of E3 2009" 411 Mania "Best Action/PS3 Game" GamesRadar "Most Surprisingly Awesome Demo" GOONL!NE Games "Best PS3 Game" That's quite the list. We're pumped to have gotten all this recognition and we're looking forward to showing UNCHARTED 2 at other events over the next few months and finally getting it into your hands so we can hear what you think too!